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Looking for something fun to read? Pick your favorite genre or go by monthly theme. We have an ever-growing archive of our free weekday stories (129 in Season One alone!), so if you aren’t a member already be sure to sign up to read them all. Members of the Havok Horde can follow the links below to access everything.

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Season One: Rebirth

January 2019 (Rebirth) || February 2019 (Recycle) || March 2019 (Relocate) || April 2019 (Reform) || May 2019 (Recover) || June 2019 (Redo)

Season Two: Stories That Sing

July 2019 (1950’s) || August 2019 (1960’s) || September 2019 (1970’s) || October 2019 (1980’s) || November 2019 (1990’s) || December 2019 (Open Mic Night)

Season Three: Bingeworthy

January 2020 (Dynamic Duos) || February 2020 (Answering The Call) || March 2020 (Strange New Worlds) || April 2020 (The End of the World As We Know It) || May 2020 (Super Duper) || June 2020 (The One Thing)

Season Four: Sensational

July 2020 (Touch) || August 2020 (Taste) || September 2020 (Hearing) || October 2020 (Sixth Sense) || November 2020 (Smell) || December 2020 (Sight)

Season Five: Prismatic

January 2021 (Yellow) || February 2021 (Red) || March 2021 (Green)

Your Dose of Weekday Fun

Welcome to Havok, where everyone gets  free flash fiction every weekday and members of the Havok Horde can access the archives, rate the stories, and contend for reader prizes! Join the Horde, or enjoy today’s story… we hope you’ll do both!

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