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Making the Most of Saturdays

We’ve posted stories every weekday for the past 3 months. Mystery Monday, Techno Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Thriller Thursday, Fantasy Friday… we’ve got those down. On Sundays we’ve introduced you to the wonderful mind of Teddi’s Toyworld, with the punniest Phoenix around, Phenny. A full color comic, the Mythington Minute, is available every Sunday right here.

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If These Walls Could Talk

They were arguing again. He could hear their voices rising, drowning out the sound of Johnny Carson on the TV. He pulled the covers over his head and tried to ignore them.
“Ugh, this stupid cabinet. I can never get this door open,” She said.

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Time Served

The deputy intercepted Travis in the parking lot. “What are you doing?”
Travis glared at the man whose perjury had cost him ten years. “Depositing my paycheck.”
Doug crossed his arms. “This bank has five other branches in this county.”
Shouldering Doug aside, Travis strode into the satellite bank.

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Riding a dragon is the best way to travel—most of the time. “Karr, what are you doing? This is not Adron city!” I lean over as the dragon touches down on a grassy hilltop. “I’m stopping for a nap.” Karr slurs the last word into a yawn and his purple tongue curls like a cat’s.

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“Why, look who’s here… If it isn’t the Chairman of the Science Committee himself, in my very own backyard. Well, hello Ryder, what brings you all the way to this remote location of mine? I don’t remember you being a lover of the great outdoors.”

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As head of security, Teddy saw every newcomer as suspicious, but the sixteen-year-old also hungered for news of life elsewhere. He lounged in a tattered lawn chair and set his hands onto the plastic folding table. The olive-green tent around him snapped against the poles as he waited to see why the boys on the watch had called him over, but the faithful shelter stood against an oppressive wind.

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The Mythington Minute

The Mossy Forest

Phenny and Ling enter the mossy forest in search of the missing writers.

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Story Sparks

Where do stories come from? If you’re a reader, you might have wondered. If you’re a writer, you might know. But every once in a while, it’s nice to hear where that story spark came from. We asked our Havok authors, and here are some of the responses we received. Enjoy our first issue of

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Glorious Nothing

The beat of war drums drives any notion of rest from my bones. I gird on my legendary sword, Jimmy Bob, and stride out of my tent to give my troops an inspiring speech before the battle. Across the torchlit river, the enemy army lurks, human troops intermixed with monstrous daemons summoned from the underworld.

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Dune Buggy Dash

When Dad took him out of school and drove two hours south to his favorite state park, Carl thought it was an early birthday present. When Dad strapped five-gallon jugs of water into the extra passenger seats of the rented dune buggy, Carl wasn’t sure what to think.

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Unnatural 20

The barbarian exploded from the folding table launching dice, game pieces, and potato chips in every direction.
Tony, Piper, and Bart dove to the carpet for cover.
“What did you do?!” Piper screamed at Tony.
“What did I do?!?” Tony army crawled away from the disaster.
“Yeah, you butthead. You rolled!”

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