Havok Publishing

Accepted Genres

Using the Season Themes to inspire you, send us a story that fits any of the following Daily Flash genres:

Mystery Monday

From cozy to crime scene, start your week off with a bit of mystery. Creep through downtown foggy London Town, spy on secret agents at a midnight meeting, catch up with an old friend who may or may not be a cat burglar, or just figure out who stole your homework before the last bell rings. Anything with a sense of the mysterious or unknown also fits this category. No matter the mystery, there’s no case Havok can’t solve from the comfort of your own bed.

Sub-genres: Amateur sleuth (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), cozy/whodunit (Agatha Christie), crime (The Departed), legal/medical (A Few Good Men), noir (Blade Runner), police procedural (Silence of the Lambs), professional sleuth (Sherlock Holmes), supernatural (The Woman in Black)

Techno Tuesday

As your week hits its stride, don’t be afraid to ask, “What if…” What if NASA really is covering for the aliens? What if your new cell phone comes with a free brain implant? What if a radioactive spider gives you super powers? What if time travel vacations are a thing of the past? With Havok, even the mysteries of the universe aren’t too great to explore over your morning cup of coffee.

Sub-genres: Hard sci-fi (The Martian), soft sci-fi (Spider-Man), military (Starship Troopers), space opera (Dune), steampunk (The Time Machine), cyber/bio/nanopunk (The Matrix), voyages extraordinaire (Jules Verne), gothic (Frankenstein’s Monster), dystopian (The Hunger Games)

Wacky Wednesday

Halfway done, and who couldn’t use a little humor over their lunch break? Well, embrace the lighter side of Havok as you laugh your stress away, 1,000 words at a time. Whether you’re running alongside a hilariously unfortunate private eye, hitching a ride across the galaxy, helping a kid defend his home from Christmas burglars, enjoying a “sick day” with a high school adventurer, or going on an epic quest to find a holy grail, you can rest assured that your adventure will be anything but serious.

Sub-genres: Forget ’em! What would Wacky Wednesday be with a bunch of rules? If it’s funny, light-hearted, and downright entertaining, you’re hitting the mark.

Thriller Thursday

As your week races to a close, get caught up in some heart-pumping excitement and suspense. Run down a terrorist before time runs out. Infiltrate a secret society before they collect the last relic. Untangle a sociopath’s plot before he pins the whole thing on you. Take down a crime boss before he takes you down. And do it all before your kids wake up from their afternoon nap.

Sub-genres: Action (James Bond), adventure (Indiana Jones), conspiracy (The Da Vinci Code), crime (Die Hard), medical (Outbreak), man vs. nature (Jaws), psychological (The Shining), horror (The Sixth Sense)

Fantasy Friday

TGI fantasy! Now, sit back and drift into another world filled with high elves, amateur wizards, magic wardrobes, suave vampires, and gun-slinging monster hunters. With Havok, there’s no limit to how far the story will take you as you kick your feet up and usher in another fantastic weekend.

Sub-genres: Fairy tales (Cinderella), high fantasy (The Lord of the Rings), low fantasy (Harry Potter), magical realism (Midnight in Paris), medieval (A Game of Thrones), portal (The Chronicles of Narnia), urban/paranormal (The Dresden Files), speculative horror (Dracula)

Keep in mind that many of these genres can be blended and your story may potentially fit several of our genre days. We’ll help place a strong story in a compatible genre during the editorial process!