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Havok publishes in seasons: January through June is the first season of the year, and July through December is the second. Each season brings with it the contests for readers. Here are the current reader contests:

Super Reader Award
  1. Super Reader Award
    For Havok Season Three: Bingeworthy, we’re awarding a $50 Amazon gift card to the Reader who makes the most comments. Why? Because authors love to hear what you think about their stories, and we love our authors. What better way to support them than by leaving a comment? One caveat, you have to be a member of the Havok Horde. Memberships come with the ability to read ALL our stories and vote on them, and a 3-month memberships is only $1.99.And while you’re commenting, you can simultaneously compete in our Most Quotable contest…

    Most Quotable Contest


  2. Most Quotable Comment Award
    For each calendar month during Season Three, we pick the best, and by that we mean the most quotable, comment from that month’s stories. Most Quotable Comment winners receive a $10 Amazon gift card and our admiration. Their comment may even end up on the cover of the anthology!

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Welcome to Havok, where everyone gets  free flash fiction every weekday and members of the Havok Horde can access the archives, rate the stories, and contend for reader prizes! Join the Horde, or enjoy today’s story… we hope you’ll do both!

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