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Editor & Reader Favorites for January 2021

January’s theme was the color yellow and it was a bright, sunny color to open the new year of stories. Editors’ Picks These are the stories our editors especially liked, and what they had to say about them. Mystery Monday Editors’ Picks “Magpie Boy” (Beka Gremikova) – Beautifully written and haunting tale of a young

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Editor & Reader Favorites for December 2020

EDITOR FAVORITES MYSTERY MONDAY “Where’s Santa?” A perfect mix of whimsy and heart, with a great punch ending! “Blind As a Bat” The students at the Reformatory School for Troubled Monsters are in trouble once again! We love the story’s characters and creativity. TECHNO TUESDAY “50UL” was too good to be true. A unique setting,

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The Yellowed Documents

The sheriff tossed the yellowed documents onto the Sutton’s kitchen table. “I’m sorry to tell you folks. The documents are real.”
A small cry erupted from Margaret’s lips.
Hank moved behind his wife and gripped her shoulder, hoping the warmth of his hand would lend her strength. “Are you sure, Sheriff?”
“I’m sure.

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Last Hope

The carriage arrived late in the afternoon, but Sebastian didn’t get out right away. He peered through the frosted glass at the house, its cobblestone siding glowing in the sunset. Candles flickered in the snow laden windows like watchful eyes.
Sebastian glanced at the paper on the bench beside him. The dreaded “yellow slip”

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Lana’s Demon

I first suspected she had a demon when I was twelve. I’m thirteen now, but when I was twelve, our dog Barkley started acting funny around her. At first, he followed her around everywhere—even the bathroom—instead of napping all the time on Mom’s bed.

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An Honest Profession

When the sandstorm dissipated, it left behind only a scattered coating of golden grains on the threadbare furniture.
And a man.
Olive skinned and dressed in a smartly-tailored suit, he carried a worn leather briefcase. His shoes, which, given the circumstances, Susan had expected to turn up at the toes, were instead brightly

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Starlink Sabotage

“Recepticore is offline. Starlink power is depleted.”
Eddie Caplan burst into the engine room. “What the blazes is it this time? Reeves, report!”
“Dunno.” His young assistant snapped her gum. “Just like the ship said, couldn’t link up with the star’s recepticore. Psh, dwarf stars, am I right? Betcha we wouldn’t have this

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Magpie Boy

Go see a show, Lindsey. Get out of the house for one evening.

My neighbors like to give advice—some of it better than others.

How can I see a musical without Amaliah? That’s like betraying her memory. My fingers clench around Tico’s leash, and he looks up

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Editor & Reader Favorites for November 2020

EDITOR FAVORITES MYSTERY MONDAY “The Mysterious Scent of Cookies” uses vivid descriptions that may have the reader reminiscing on their childhood memories and leave them hungry… for more of the story and cookies! “The Nose” has a great incorporation of the theme and has well-developed characters and a clever twist. TECHNO TUESDAY “Tisshe Kaori” –

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Threads of Straw and Gold

The royal family spent several months every year vacationing at their summer palace. The vast ivory castle sprawled over lush acres of greenery, overlooking the sea on one side and the wild country forest on the other.
The Queen particularly hated it.
Everything about the place reminded her of her ill-fated past

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Mistaken Identity

The wind howling across Haiz’s brown, leather wings could not drown out his roar as he sliced through the air back toward his cave. His voice bounced from valley, to village, and on toward the mountains, declaring his sovereignty over all things within his territory.
His scaled eyes scanned the ground below, searching.

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