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Mr. Morlock

I will eat you.
My meal sits outside of a prison cell’s glass wall. Tempting. So close. Inches away.
Eat you how?
“I-I just wanted to say I’m not afraid of you, Morlock.” The figure holds an object in his hands. “I know that’s not your real name. But that’s what you are. Like

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The Illusionist

Fae-burst had been banned in Anglia for over a decade, but Spencer knew for a fact he’d seen magic onstage tonight.
He peered around the shadowy backstage room. Illusionist dens like this were common in Anglia’s seediest districts, but only sleight of hand was allowed onstage. Fae-burst with its addictive qualities was strictly forbidden.

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Season Five: Prismatic Anthology Winners

It’s time, Ling! Can you feel the excitement in the air? Like beams of the rainbow shining from a faceted crystal… You mean a prism? Yes! The jewels of this anthology’s crown will douse us in multicolored splendor. The myriad parts combine into one brilliant beam of creativity the likes of which the Havokverse has

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The Sleeping Dragon

The Sleeping Dragon Teashop was known in Quira for its spiced apple blend. Nobles often used Ximena’s teas to help them sleep—and sometimes, they requested her to ensure their political opponents slept… longer.
One such note slipped through the letter slot just before her shop opened its doors for the day.

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The Curse of Medusa

The cave entrance was obsidian black, even in mid-afternoon with the sun shining behind me. A wisp of a cool breeze hit my face. Beckoning. Warning. I ventured forth, drawing my sword from its sheath. A single torch lit the terra path before me as I weaved my way into Athena’s temple,

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Black Hole in a Bottle

Simon’s Magickry was not like any traditional magician’s shop. There were no shelves cluttered with ancient books and talismans. There were no candles or crystal balls, nor was the shop musty or dark.
Instead, well-polished white floors reflected the dazzling radiance of the ceiling’s LEDs, filling the shop with brilliance. Plastic-sleeved magic kits

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The Bodies in Question

The scorching heat retreated as the wall of flame fizzled into nothingness. Irrick looked across the ruined campfire at the soot-stained face blinking back at him.
Wonderful! he thought. Those eyebrows aren’t going to grow back in a hurry.
“Gah! Why wizard’s fire magic so strong?” bellowed Krull “Now Krull’s supper ruined!”

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Some posts were lonelier than anywhere else in the universe.
The lighthouse at the edge of the Black Nebula was loneliest of all.
It existed literally in the middle of nowhere. Near no star systems. Out of the way of everything except a backroad intergalactic freightway that hardly anyone took anymore, unless the cargo wasn’t

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Off to See the Wizard

Jane won’t leave her infernal scarf alone. I’m trying to ignore it, as this trip is stressful enough without starting a fight. After all, we’re going to see the Charmings.
We both hate the royalty: me, because no one keeps them in check, and Jane… Well, I’m still not sure why Jane hates them

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J. J. Johnson Featured Author Interview

Prismatic Featured Author: J. J. Johnson

If you know J. J. Johnson, then you know he’s an avid speculative fiction fan, father of two active boys, and he always has a dad joke up his sleeve. He cares about writing books that kids love to read, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to our Havok family as a featured author in

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Tyrant of the Void

I savor the moment as our cannons fire on the bustling trade ring. The void of space swallows any sound as red flashes shoot from our guns and streak for the alliance’s heart. The time for my vengeance has come at last.
The blast turns the huge ring-shaped trade station into space dust

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