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Behind the Havok Story Podcast

During our Facebook Launch Party for our Season Two: Stories That Sing anthology, we solicited questions from attendees. One of them, or rather three-combined, had to do with our magnificent Havok Story Podcast. So we decided— You stink at this, Ling, so I’m taking over. Phenny here, with our almost-as-amazing-as-me Podcast Narrator, Magnus Carlssen. Magnus,

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Most Prolific Authors: Update

Back in June 2019, we listed nine authors who had published with us three or more times throughout the first season after Havok’s rebirth. I thought it was time to update that Most Prolific Authors post. This Weekend Scoreboard is brought to you by Our Most Prolific Authors! Let’s hear from them what motivates their writing and

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“Stories That Sing” Featured Author: Morgan Busse

Morgan L. Busse is one of the sweetest and most humble authors you could ever meet. She’s the author of the critically acclaimed Follower of the Word series, The Soul Chronicles, and award-winning Ravenwood Saga. Morgan is here today to talk about her latest release, the third and final book in her Ravenwood Saga: Cry

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“Stories That Sing” Featured Author: Kat Heckenbach

The release date for Season Two’s Stories That Sing anthology draws ever closer. To celebrate, we have a treat for you! Not only do we get to introduce you to another Season Two Featured Author, but we get to let you in on a little secret… she also created the fantastic art that we’re using

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“Stories That Sing” Featured Author: Carla Hoch

We’re another week closer to the release of our Season Two: Stories That Sing anthology. That means that it’s time to introduce you to another of our Featured Authors! Carla Hoch has studied a buffet of martial arts: hapkido-based self-defense (whatever that is), MMA, Muay Thai style kickboxing, taekwondo, street defense, Filipino martial arts, iaido

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Jill Williamson - Season Two Featured Author

“Stories That Sing” Featured Author: Jill Williamson

With the upcoming release of our Season Two: Stories That Sing anthology, we wanted to take a moment to introduce the fabulous Featured Authors we have lined up for the anthology. It is our privilege to have multi-published, award-winning Jill Williamson in our line up. Jill has written everything from epic fantasy to middle-grade science

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Havok Featured Patrons: Joshua & Sarah Chadd

What better time to share about our awesome patrons than our “flash peek” weekend? Havok publishes flash fiction across five major genres (and many subgenres) and our supporters are both lovers of speculative fiction and authors of such. Today we welcome Joshua and Sarah Chadd to tell us about their creative projects and why Havok

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