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“We Love…” – An Invitation to Share

Havok is what you’d call a labor of love. Our staff are all volunteers (even Cerberus, our leadership team), and many of us contribute our own money to put wings to this publication’s rebirth. WHY do we do this?

  • Because we believe in the power of story.
  • Because we believe in the people who have stories to tell.
  • Because we believe everyone should enjoy a powerful story moment–every day.

And we chose this ongoing-contest format because we think life is better with a little fun and excitement. (A little HAVOK, if you will.)

This Week’s Most-Loved Stories

Thriller Thursday’s tale Worth Saving by Michelle Perry hit a nerve, provoking the most comments and highest rating. Coming in second is Techno Tuesday’s World Redone by Kaitlyn Carter Brown, and we love that both stories share a powerful message of hope.

Speak Out, Friends

With Valentine’s Day fresh in our minds, today’s “Saturday Scoreboard” is a little different. Today we invite each of you to chime in with a comment to share YOUR why, and what Havok means to you. Specifically, we’d love to hear (pick one, or answer all three!):

Havok authors, tell us about your current WIP. If a story we published was set in your novel’s world, tell us about that. Share a link to your website, a teaser, or your published book on Amazon.

Readers, what do you love about flash fiction? What Havok story stood out to you the most so far?

Authors, what do you love about the flash fiction format? What makes a flash story hit you hardest?

If you aren’t a Havok Horde member and want to leave a comment, please do! Just a heads-up, though: after you leave your comment, a page will display saying you need to login to see the page. Have no fear, your comment was submitted (and once approved, it will appear with the other comments)–you just don’t have access to the “permalink” for today’s post.

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