Havok Publishing

Welcome to HAVOK Publishing! Starting January 1, 2019 Havok will provide a daily dose of sharp, memorable fiction under 1,000 words across a variety of genres (mystery, science fiction, comedy, thriller, and fantasy). But HAVOK is no ordinary ezine. This is fast-paced fiction, delivered on the go to a busy fanbase hungry for more than just another magazine. This is a constant story competition, in which both authors and readers can garner cash, prizes, and social media fame.

And HAVOK is open for submissions right now. We need Season One stories for every day of the week that hit fast and strike hard—stories that, no matter the genre, will cut through the day’s troubles and pull readers into another world. Submit early and often so you won't miss your chance!

Readers, it's your time

Time. We all have a life clock, and it's counting down. Havok exists to innovate new ways to do what we love every day: READ great stories, SHARE them with friends, and have FUN doing it.

Those minutes you spend in the break room at work staring at your phone? We're gonna take you right outa that place and into a world so compelling that you forget how boring your lunch is. In the dentist office, waiting for your turn? Time for Havok.


There's a lot of good fiction out there. We know you have choices. So we want you to choose us because it's more FUN. Don't just read a story -- VOTE for it. Leave a comment and tell our editors what you loved about it. Send it to your friends on the day it's free so they can share the experience. We think readers should be rewarded for supporting authors, so the top reader gets a cash prize just like the top authors!

All that excitement is coming January 1. But we won't make you wait three more months to score some prizes. We've got something special for our mailing list subscribers every month until January. So scroll down and put your email address in that subscription box!

Calling all writers of fantastical flash fiction!

Over the years, our Havok editors have seen some great flash fiction. We want YOU to bring us yours. Writing to a theme is a thrilling experience: knowing that your work is up against others writing in the same story space challenges your creativity and originality.


Our Season One theme of Rebirth contains an infinite variety of combinations. No matter what you like to write, or what wacky related idea pops into your head, there's probably a way to make it fit. And if not this time around, there's always Season Two. The myriad of potential mashups is one of our favorite things, and we think you'll love it too, once you get the hang of it.


If you're new to flash fiction, give it a try! Writing novels is amazing but grueling work, and you don't see the payoff for months. There's a fabulous high in finishing a story, seeing it polished and on display for the world to admire. That experience can be yours every month if you impress our editors.

If you're looking to hone your craft, be part of an active community of flash fiction writers, and gain fame and fortune (or at least a chance at fame and cash prizes), this is the place.

What are you waiting for?

Scroll down and put your email address in that subscription box. Check as many boxes as you want; we know writers are readers, too. If you have a published book or business you may want to promote someday, check "Advertisers".

Now dash over to the Season One Theme page and get those creative juices flowing.

THE FIRST AUTHOR ACQUIRED IN EACH GENRE gets a prize (specifics to be announced on the author mailing list and social media in the near future).