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Season Themes

Readers play favorites, you know. Everybody has their favorite genres and our season themes are here to assemble story collections that readers will love. These themes function as story prompts for our author base, suggesting fun mashups and settings for the most creative, hard-hitting fiction. We only accept stories that fit these themes, and we wish you much Havok as you craft your best work!

Season Six: Casting Call

Classic character archetypes make for legendary stories! Throughout human history, certain types of people show up over and over in the stories we tell. And sometimes, especially in speculative genres, they aren’t technically… human, even though they fill an archetypal role (the Hero, the Jester, the Magician, the Lover, etc). Think of your story as the audition for a starring role. We want to see a variety of genre takes on these quintessential types.

Is your Ruler the epitome of an evil dictator or a benevolent judge? Will your Caretaker warm the cockles of readers’ hearts or make them laugh with slapstick foibles? Is your Orphan entangled in a life-threatening magical thriller or helping a gaslamp detective solve a laughable crime? Mix and match the five Havok genres with the two archetypes each month and send us what you come up with! (Pro tip: mystery, humor, and thriller categories tend to get fewer submissions. Crafting your story into one of those genres will give you a stronger chance at publication.)

Each month two archetypes are paired so you can either choose one as a main character (protagonist or antagonist, whatever role you like) or you can contrast them together in your story. As always, you are welcome to use characters from your existing WIP or published works, either as side characters or in the archetypal role, if the shoe fits.

We have prepared a printable reference of the monthly themes and deadlines below and an additional resource with links to sites online giving more examples of these archetypes and how they work in fiction. We highly recommend checking out these resources for ideas as you craft your story!

Download printable theme list PDF

P.S. If you blog about auditioning your own original characters for these roles, we’d love to hear about it! Feel free to tag @gohavok on Instagram or email social@gohavok.com with any questions about our themes and guidelines! Sign up for our author newsletter (see sidebar on this page; scroll down on mobile) for tips from our editors and news about author contests.

HERO / MAGICIAN – CLOSED, publishes in August 2021

OPEN – Deadline: July 4, 2021

The creator can be anything from artist to architect, scientist to inventor. They love progress and forward thinking as well as the arts. The explorer loves freedom and individualism. To spin it as a mystery, have an engineer solving a problem or scientist facing a puzzle. A medieval blacksmith tale fits fantasy or put a mechanic on a spaceship in crisis for thriller or science fiction. An absent-minded inventor (or lost explorer) makes for wacky fun. Publishes in September.

OPEN – Deadline: August 1, 2021

The everyman is also known as the orphan. They are looking for security and belonging in the face of crisis and trauma. What a great contrast with the jester, who seems to just want to have fun. But jesters can also use humor to heal or hide trauma. Pairing these two could provide an interesting contrast or comedic effect. (Publishes in October.)

The themes below will open for submissions about two months before their deadlines.

Deadline: September 5, 2021

Publishing the month of Thanksgiving, this theme is about people who love and care for others. The lover is all about lasting, meaningful relationships and the fear of being alone. The caregiver is also known as the “mother” and is all about compassion and caring for others, sometimes to the point of martyrdom. Remember we’re also looking for mystery lovers and comedic caregivers, and life-and-death thrillers (secret agent lovers, anyone?). Draconic fathers, shapeshifting playboys, and protective griffins are great fantasy material. For Techno Tuesday add a time travel twist, a long-distance relationship across the solar system, or a mothership. Publishes in November.

Deadline: October 3, 2021

The sage can show up as a mentor, mystic, or guide, always pursuing growth based on truth. The innocent is all about happiness, sincerity and optimism. What a great theme for a theme publishing during the Christmas month. Only true innocence may touch the unicorn, they say. Bring a mystery before a wise oracle and see what happens. A vampire who’s lived four thousand years has matured a bit—or has he? When naivete meets the real world it could be a near-death experience or something to laugh about for years to come. Publishes in December.

Now Go Write!

Using the season theme above for ideas, go write and then send us your best story that fits any of our Accepted Genres. Be sure to download and use our Manuscript Formatting template and follow the Submission Guidelines!