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My Friend, The Clone

I scowl at the computer screen and push my hair out of my eyes, rubbing black-stained fingers on my hoodie. They should be dry, but I can’t leave prints behind. Mrs. Grant—calling her Mom still sounds weird—says dyeing it makes me look like a goth troublemaker. I yank on my hoodie strings. Maybe I am.

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The Rocking Chair

He was invisible.
At least, that’s how they treated him.
Roman sat in the weathered rocking chair on his front porch, a light spring breeze tossing his thinning hair. The late afternoon sun raced to hide its face from the world. He sighed.
All was right when he sat in his favorite chair.

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The Spinning Wheel

Mia fluttered through the tower window, her fairy wings leaving a trail of sparkling lights as she circled the room. A spinning wheel stood in the center, surrounded by dirt and straw. Shaking her head, she snapped her fingers. In a flash of light, she became the size of a human.

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When Home is Gone

Jaq Orleans no longer had a home to go back to. The war was over, the graves dug and covered, the medals all hung. After six years of fighting against the evil trying to invade their nation, his people had won. They’d finally won.

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The Future Tree

David crouched underneath a twisted rock formation at the base of the Temporal Cliffs. His trusty radiance revolver, the oldest of its kind, fit snugly in his hand. Overhead, storm clouds gathered, made darker by the wraiths’ smoky black trails.
Thunder rolled across the sky.

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Cheddar the Mighty & the Quest for the Grody Grail

His journey had been long and treacherous, but Cheddar had found it. An oasis, untouched by man, vast and plentiful. The wasteland of legends. A sprawling pile of rotten garbage more beautiful than all the dumpsters in Manhattan the day after Thanksgiving.
The Great Trash Barrier Island.
Cheddar the Rat wept at its filthy glory.

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One Rogue Android at a Time

Lady Coral lies cuffed to an ancient altar in the clearing below. I scan the trees for any sign of danger. My first heroic deed should be simple. Free Coral. Get her safely to Tob Space-port, out of the clutches of the village elders.

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The Egg of Creation

“For heaven’s sakes, Afrin, you’re the worst archeologist I’ve ever laid eyes on!”
“I’m a detective, Abraham,” I said, fingering my brimmed hat.
He folded his arms, his eyes on the vista around us. “Four months we’ve been hiking in the Andes—and for what?”
“The Egg of Creation,” Pedro said.

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Weekend Scoreboard - Bingeworthy - Phenny & Ling

Top Stories from May 2020… so far

Hey, Ling. What do you call a fish binge reading Havok stories? I don’t know, Phenny. What do you call a fish binge reading Havok stories? Hooked! Now I’m sorry I asked. You’re supposed to laugh, Ling, there are people watching. Oh. bwahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha ha Hello, Havokteers! I’m back with the best of the top

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I stumbled out of the beam of light, doing my best to keep my balance on the icy sidewalk.
The house seemed smaller than I’d been expecting. All the houses were smaller than I’d expected.
“Where am I?” I asked Mission Control.
“Human village.” Cheryl smacked her gum in my earpiece.

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The Divide

Most people thought the cemetery was haunted. I knew better. It sat right atop the divide where the veil between worlds was weakest. Moonlight spilled through the clouds above, and when a sudden chill on the breeze drew goosebumps down my arms, my heart soared.
He’s here.
Jake. My sweet Jake, walking with me

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