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Archive - July 2019

The Love Potion

Eddie fidgeted in his chair, pen poised over the dotted line. Once he signed the paperwork, he’d have nothing left to distract him from the young woman on the other side of the desk. Which meant a conversation would...

Joint Venture

Jacob nudged the Joint Venture’s harvesting controls, unable to hide his grin of triumph. “Fifteen. I win!” “Cheater. Four of those were clustered together.” Seelia’s scowl didn’t hold, and her matching grin prompted a...

What Happens in Las Veggies…

The last wild guitar note faded from the hall. I let my leafy green shoulders relax, glad to be done with rehearsal for the day. “Hey, nice work today, Tommo,” I said to my turnip drummer. He clicked his drumsticks...

The New Normal

Ling asks Phenny what their new normal will be. Phenny's answer is not surprising, but it is funny. Isn't it?

Blue Moon

Fading sunlight tinged the clouds vivid orange and pink as I settled down upon the rock. To wait. However long it took. The blue moon had come again, and I was determined. This time, I would find her. This time, I...


He didn't see me watching him. Even if he'd noticed, he would have assumed I was flirting rather than reading his mind. I climbed off the bar stool and followed him. I couldn't allow him to make it back to his apartment...


It was a beautiful day on the shore. The sun was shining bright, the waves were gently tumbling, gulls were staying at a pleasant distance, and I was having an ideal time sunbathing, when it was all rudely interrupted...


Ship status: green
Biodome status: green
Pods status: green
Current database scan: Botany and biochemistry
Estimated remaining time: 27,392,520 days to planetfall.

The Knife

Water laps under the pier. It’s a new moon, leaving the night dark. Ropes chafe my wrists—like guitar strings against my fingers, but harsh as the bad memory of yesterday, when this all began. Busking on the corner near...

Season One Award Winners

Take a look at June's Scoreboard - Readers' favorites, editors' picks, super readers - then buckle your seatbelt for our Season One Award Winners! And, did we mention, it's Launch Day for our Season One Anthology?