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Contests for Authors

Season Contests

Havok publishes in seasons. January through June is the first season of the year, and July through December is the second. Each season brings with it the following contests for writers:

  1. Publication
    Being selected for publication is a contest of its own. Our editors read hundreds of stories each season and select the best among them for publication. We can’t publish all of the excellent stories that are submitted to us, so if your story has been accepted for publication, give yourself a pat on the back!
  2. Anthology Selection
    For each calendar month, five anthology winners are selected—the best story from each of our daily genres as determined by our editorial staff. These are the stories that ultimately make it into that season’s anthology. Anthology winners are announced at the completion of the season. Anthology winners receive a complimentary e-copy of the anthology and are paid for the publication of their story as dictated in their publishing contract.
  3. Podcast Selection
    Magnus Carlssen, our wonderful narrator, selects stories from each season to produce on the Havok Story Podcast. Podcast winners are selected based on their production and story value. For more information on story selection, read this interview with Magnus.
  4. The Editors’ Choice Award is given to the anthology story that our editors feel has that certain something… voice, story, presence, and sparkle. Editors’ Choice Award winners receive a special mention in the season’s anthology and a $100 Amazon gift card.
  5. The Readers’ Choice Award is given to the story with the highest reader ranking (votes, shares, and comments) from our readers. The most loved story for the season wins an automatic place in our seasonal anthology and the author wins a $100 Amazon gift card.

Special Opportunities

Havok loves to wreak goodwill and fun anyway and every way we can. Admittedly, our usual cycle of flash fiction publication and the on-going contests to win a place in our bi-annual anthologies is pretty exciting, but sometimes we shake it up even more. You’ll find those Special Opportunities here, when they’re available!

Realm Makers 2020 Conference Scholarship (deadline July 5)

In light of the pandemic, money’s tight for many writers, yet Realm Maker’s move to host a fully-virtual conference provides an opportunity for writers to attend this year’s conference without the added expense of travel or lodging. If you would like to attend the conference but can’t quite make ends meet, we have great news:

Havok is offering two $100 partial scholarships to this year’s Realm Makers Writers Conference!

Anyone who submits a story between May 26 – July 5 has the chance to receive a partial scholarship to the Realm Makers Writers Conference, which is being held online this year from July 16-18, 2020.

How It Works

Submit a story for an open theme (“Taste”, “Hearing”, or “Sixth Sense”). Check the box on the submission form to indicate you want to be considered for the scholarship. Easy, peasy!

Havok will announce the scholarship winners by July 10th. Winners will receive a $100 discount code which they can apply to their Realm Makers Conference registration fee. Registration ranges from $199-$279.


These scholarships are intended for writers who would like to attend a writing conference but cannot otherwise afford to do so. Therefore, writers already registered for the conference do not qualify for this scholarship. (Sorry!)

Fine Print

While the scholarship contest runs concurrent with our others contests, the judges for the scholarship will be independent of our acquiring editors. Therefore, winning a scholarship does not mean that your story will be published on Havok’s website or in an anthology unless it is selected for publication by one of our editorial teams. Likewise, if your story is selected for publication, it does not mean that you are a scholarship winner.

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