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Casting Call Anthology Finalists (aka Long List)

By my flaming feathers, never in my life have I seen such a collection of characters! Are you talking about Havok’s Season Six, Phenny? I mean, that was the whole idea, right? What do you mean? Casting Call was all about calling out the twelve classic character archetypes and seeing who showed up. And boy

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J. J. Johnson Featured Author Interview

Prismatic Featured Author: J. J. Johnson

If you know J. J. Johnson, then you know he’s an avid speculative fiction fan, father of two active boys, and he always has a dad joke up his sleeve. He cares about writing books that kids love to read, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to our Havok family as a featured author in

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Prismatic Anthology Finalists (aka Long List)

Season Five was the most colorful experience I’ve had in a long time, even if it happened in black and white. Phenny, that didn’t make any sense. Sure it does! Just like the old joke, “What’s black and white and read all over?” Oh, I see. Of course, reading the joke gives the answer away.

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Editor Favorites for June 2021

Welcome to the final “Back to the Future” post about the fabulous season of Prismatic posts! Is that movie reference supposed to make sense, Phenny? Because I don’t think the readers are gonna get it. You gotta have faith in Havok readers, Ling. …   …   … Okay, okay. I’ll explain it this way: You’re reading

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Editor & Reader Favorites for May 2021

Hey, Ling! Why did Egyptian royalty have an easy time getting married? Wow, I have no idea, Phenny. Because they had golden triangles for houses? No, they had great Pharaoh-mones! Speaking of moaning… No, not moaning, let’s talk about crooning. There’s one kind of music the Royal Family can’t listen to. Dare I ask? What

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Editor & Reader Favorites for April 2021

Ling, this month’s theme is so depressing. Come on, Phenny. It’s not as bad as Bingeworthy’s “The End of the World As We Know It”. Sigh. I’m not so sure. Now you’re just being silly. How can a color be depressing, anyway? Because it’s blue. Editors’ Picks Mystery Monday “Impurrfect Crime” (Susan Sabia) – A

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Editor & Reader Favorites for March 2021

…   [feathers rustling]   …   [claws scratching]   … Er, Phenny. What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to introduce the month of March? Nope. What’s the matter? Don’t like the color green? It’s not so much the green, Ling, as it is the leprechauns. Oh. Well, I can’t really argue with that. Cheeky little dudes, aren’t

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Editor & Reader Favorites for February 2021

Ahh, the month of love. Roses, hearts, cherubs– And cherries? Um, no, Ling. What have cherries got to do with romance? Phenny, around here February is the month of red, not romance. Ohhhhh, that’s right. In that case, cherries are just fine. And quite tasty. Editors’ Picks Mystery Monday “The Wolf at the Door” (Beka

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Editor & Reader Favorites for January 2021

January’s theme was the color yellow and it was a bright, sunny color to open the new year of stories. Editors’ Picks These are the stories our editors especially liked, and what they had to say about them. Mystery Monday Editors’ Picks “Magpie Boy” (Beka Gremikova) – Beautifully written and haunting tale of a young

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