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Editor & Reader Favorites for May 2021

Hey, Ling! Why did Egyptian royalty have an easy time getting married?

Wow, I have no idea, Phenny. Because they had golden triangles for houses?

No, they had great Pharaoh-mones!

Speaking of moaning…

No, not moaning, let’s talk about crooning. There’s one kind of music the Royal Family can’t listen to.

Dare I ask? What kind is that?

Royalty-free music!

So what got you on this royalty kick, anyway? Aren’t we supposed to be introducing May’s favorite stories?

Yes, we are! And these stories are all about the color purple.

But the stories aren’t all about royalty, are they?

Well, no. But I’m sure you can see the connection…

Moving on…

Editors’ Picks

Mystery Monday

  • Violets” (Hannah Robinson) is a cool mystery with vivid details and a creepy, haunting vibe to it.
  • Wolfsbane” (Lincoln Reed) is an enjoyable frontier mystery with great pacing and interesting characters.

Techno Tuesday

  • Lab Tech Support” (M. A. E.) – Kidnappings, false identities, and car chases aside, this story manages to be both funny and adorable.
  • Hope Never Dyes” (S. K. Marre) – Sucks you in from the get-go. One of the best post-apocalyptic stories we’ve received in a long time!

Wacky Wednesday

  • What happens when a pixie runs amok in an elephant sanctuary? The title of “Purple Pachyderms” (M. A. E.) might be a clue, but wait till you see how the chaos ends in this fun and hilarious story.
  • Sweet Smile” (Cassandra Hamm) – Some faeries never learn. Zoran and Ederra are back with another sugary dose of allergies and romance in this sweet sequel.

Thriller Thursday

  • Desert Sands” (Kaitlyn Carter Brown) beautifully embodies the hope and fear of its main character. With mesmerizing descriptions, the Sancen desert comes alive and transports the readers to a vibrant and captivating world reminiscent of familiar tales such as Star Wars and Mad Max.
  • Sometimes you don’t need much to tell the genuine from the copy. Sometimes, as one professional discovers, a little “Flair” (Seth N. Locke) is all it takes. This taut tale of suspense will have you on the edge of your seat.

Fantasy Friday

  • A Home for Nova” (Hannah Carter) is utterly sweet. Heart-warming and vibrant, this story of adoption and love and magic is an absolutely beautiful tale.
  • Dragon Eggplant” (Allie Jo Andersen) is refreshingly adventurous story of kindness and bravery and unlikely

Readers’ Faves

1. “Violets” by Hannah Robinson
2. “Lord Chef” by Cassandra Hamm
3. “Desert Sands” by Kaitlyn Carter Brown
4. “Meet Feet” by Jeff Gard
5. “Flair” by Seth N. Locke

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