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Casting Call Anthology Finalists (aka Long List)

By my flaming feathers, never in my life have I seen such a collection of characters!

Are you talking about Havok’s Season Six, Phenny? I mean, that was the whole idea, right?

What do you mean?

Casting Call was all about calling out the twelve classic character archetypes and seeing who showed up.

And boy did they show up! Too bad none of the jesters were as funny as I am. Maybe I should open an academy for the humorous arts. What do you think, Ling? We could call it “Phenny’s School of Funnies”.

Sure, Phenny, sure. But right now let’s shine the spotlight on the finalists in the Casting Call season. Well done, authors! You introduced us to characters we’ll never forget.

July – Ruler / Rebel

The Moon Duchess by Sheri Yutzy
Sail Free for an Hour by Cadi Murphy
Tomorrow by Katie Hanna
The Inky Outlaws by Lincoln Reed
A Handful of Twigs by Cortney Manning
Out of Hell by Lincoln Reed
Iron Hood by Meaghan E. Ward
The Loophole by Michael Teasdale
All’s Fair in Love and Prison Breaks by Katie Hanna
Fines and Flames by Cassandra Hamm

August – Hero / Magician

At Any Price by Patrick M. Fitzgerald
The Wandmaker’s Offer by Yaasha Moriah
Enchanted Objects by Todd Hertz
The Illusionist by Cortney Manning
To Capture a Manticore by Yaasha Moriah
Shiner by J. L. Ender
The Skinwalker by A. C. Williams
Mr. Morlock by Lincoln Reed
Friendly Fire by Cynthia Wilfert
The Bodies in Question by Michael Teasdale

September – Creator / Explorer

The Frost Iris by A. C. Williams
The Path Home by Nathan Veyon
Where Butterflies Do Not Fly by Yaasha Moriah
The Watchman by Hannah Robinson
Rust Bucket by Abigail Falanga
Dust to Dust by Lincoln Reed
All I Did Was Science by K. H. Marah
An App for Zap by Cynthia Wilfert
A Spoonful of Doom by Julia Skinner
The Purple Produce Predicament by A. C. Williams

October – Everyman / Jester

The Fears by Anna Augustine
The Color of Grasshoppers by Crystal Grant
Jester’s Maze by Lincoln Reed
Behind the Glass by Rose Q. Addams
Words to Live By by Jim Doran
The Jester by Julia Skinner
Going Native by Joseph Sidari
The Hardest Words by Michael Teasdale
Clean-Up in Aisle 4 by Todd Hertz
Human’s Advocate by M.A.E.

November – Caregiver / Lover

Feelings and Other Fishy Fiascoes by Hannah Carter
Gone Fishin’ by Emily Barnett
The Vanishing Act by Rachel Dib
Bridge Vigil by Rose Q. Addams
At All Costs by Emily Grant
Save the Cat by Lincoln Reed
Run by Katie Hanna
The Good Boy by Michael Teasdale
Four Wizards and a Funeral by Katie Hanna
Father’s Blessing by Gabrielle Pollack

December – Innocent / Sage

Dandelion Wishes by Hailey Huntington
Silent Ever? by Rose Q. Addams
The Glasswright by A. C. Williams
Dark Side of the Moon by Lincoln Reed
The Nightmare Hunters Before Christmas by Hannah Carter
Serpent & Dove by Abigail Falanga
A Lonely World by Patrick M. Fitzgerald
To Fight and Fly by Crystal Grant
I’ll Explain Later by M.A.E.
Amber Eyes by Hannah Muldery

You know, Ling, even though they call this a “long list” I don’t really feel like it’s long enough.

Why is that?

Because it doesn’t include a couple of my favorite stories. The Script Doctor is such a fun introduction to the characters in Save the Cat, it’s sad that both didn’t make it onto this list.

I know how you feel, Phenny. So many of the stories on this list have companion stories that give us more peeks at the same great characters. And some fantastic stories didn’t make it because they were up against several other stellar stories in the same month and genre. More Than Dust was such a perfect Everyman story, but I don’t see it on this list. Sigh.

But that’s just one more reason to join the Havok Horde and keep ALL the stories in your pocket all year long. You never know when you’ll be stuck in the dentist’s office or waiting for the bus or at a party and want to re-read or share your favorite story with someone.

Speaking of favorite stories, have you heard about the flea’s favorite book?

No… I’m almost afraid to ask… what is it?

The Itch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, of course!

*groan* Well, folks, thanks for reading. I recommend you go buy a t-shirt before Phenny makes another joke!

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