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Editor & Reader Favorites for February 2021

Ahh, the month of love. Roses, hearts, cherubs–
And cherries?
Um, no, Ling. What have cherries got to do with romance?
Phenny, around here February is the month of red, not romance.
Ohhhhh, that’s right. In that case, cherries are just fine. And quite tasty.

Editors’ Picks

Mystery Monday

  • The Wolf at the Door” (Beka Gremikova) is an emotional and descriptive story of dealing with a loved one living with dementia.
  • The Red Hibiscus Bride” (Julisa Basak) is a sad, haunting tale of love steeped in beauty and tradition.

Techno Tuesday

  • Safety Recall” (Jeff Gard) is just straight-up ingenious storytelling. We never thought we’d read a recall notice this gripping!
  • Inverted” (Noah Litle) is time travel at its best–snappy, thoughtful, and complex.

Wacky Wednesday

  • A scheming wizard meets his match in “The Wine of Truth” (Michael Erasmus). Twisty and hilarious, this story from Michael Erasmus will keep you guessing— and laughing, until the end.
  • Beka does it again with the return of her most memorable characters in “Nosy Neighborhood Stakeout” (Beka Gremikova). Grandma teaching her beloved granddaughter the ways of the vampire hunter, what’s not to love?

Thriller Thursday

  • Guardian” (Julia Skinner) – What a great tale—introducing an intriguing concept that grabs you in the first few paragraphs, then interrogating that same idea with a poignant, encouraging message.
  • Girl #24” (Krysta Tawlks) – A crimson tattoo marks those of lowest rank, but that’s not the only mark that sets them apart. In this taut tale of human rights and moral courage, a bounty hunter faces the truth and finds his way. With its sure footing, “Girl #24″ will find its way right into your heart.

Fantasy Friday

  • Stone Heart” (Cassandra Hamm), a prequel story to the equally beautiful “Stone Skin”, is a heart-gripping story, both in the fast paced action and the deep emotions at the core of this tale. Such a vibrant story, with characters that linger long in the mind after reading!
  • Red Hood, Red Legend” (Rose Q. Addams) sets up an amazing story right from the beginning. Even ordinary people can become heroes and even legends when they’re willing to risk themselves to save others!

Readers’ Faves:

1. “The Firebird Rose” by Beka Gremikova
2. “The Wolf at the Door” by Beka Gremikova
3. “Guardian” by Julia Skinner
4. “The Red Hibiscus Bride” by Julisa Basak
5. “The Red Chord” by Abigail Falanga

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