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Editor & Reader Favorites for April 2021

Ling, this month’s theme is so depressing.

Come on, Phenny. It’s not as bad as Bingeworthy’s “The End of the World As We Know It”.

Sigh. I’m not so sure.

Now you’re just being silly. How can a color be depressing, anyway?

Because it’s blue.

Editors’ Picks

Mystery Monday

  • Impurrfect Crime” (Susan Sabia) – A permanent hotel guest, a jewel-heist, and a twist ending made this clever combination one of our favorite crime stories!
  • Memories from the Past” (Sarah Rodecker) – We loved this haunting tale about a girl in search of her lost memories, only to realize they were gone for a reason.

Techno Tuesday

  • Predict a Card, Any Card” (Pamela Love) – Sparse and down-to-earth, but satisfying. Miss Herbert deserves so much better.
  • Refurb” (Tori V. Rainn) – Who can resist Odi and Vega? Their charming story is all about what it means to be unique.

Wacky Wednesday

  • The Blue Zinger” (Selina Lavery) —Need to impress an important food critic? Been offered some help from your most-definitely-a-witch magic Granny? What could possibly go wrong? Wonderful slow-building of the characters and tension climaxes in a startling, but not-unforeseen, disaster.
  • Not even honor is more valuable than blueberries! “For the Love of Pie” (Beka Gremikova) knocks traditional jousting stories from their saddle as Cielo de Spala does everything he can to lose this tournament and gain a blueberry pie. Hilarious characters, situation, and delivery make this tale an uncontested winner.

Thriller Thursday

  • Sea Claim” (Beka Gremikova) not only brings a unique twist to mermaid mythology, but also delivers it in a tense tale that keeps readers wondering about Galia’s ultimate destiny until the very end.
  • The Gaze of the Ocean” (Patrick M. Fitzgerald) is as captivating as its mysterious Mr. Lawrence, drawing us in before revealing its chilling climax that conjures a darker side of the thriller genre.

Fantasy Friday

  • The Transformation” (Joshua A. Smith) starts off subtle, but the ending is guaranteed to absolutely floor readers. This story has such a quaint, unique setting, and it draws the reader in. Incredibly written and so memorable. We still can’t stop thinking about this story!
  • Perfectly Executed” (Lila Kims) hooks readers into an emotionally charged, intense story right from the very first paragraph. The characters are so realistic and engaging, and the emotions are heart-wrenching in the best possible way.

Readers’ Faves

1. “Sea Claim” by Beka Gremikova
2. “The Wishing Tree” by Beka Gremikova
3. “Predict a Card, Any Card” by Pamela Love
4. “Tritanopia” by Lincoln Reed
5. “The Transformation” by Joshua A. Smith

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