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J. J. Johnson Featured Author Interview

Prismatic Featured Author: J. J. Johnson

If you know J. J. Johnson, then you know he’s an avid speculative fiction fan, father of two active boys, and he always has a dad joke up his sleeve. He cares about writing books that kids love to read, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to our Havok family as a featured author in the upcoming Havok Season Five: Prismatic anthology.

And since just maybe you don’t know J. J., this is your chance to meet him! We got this email from him with answers to nearly everything readers might want to know.

About J. J. Johnson

Well, my name is J.J. and I live in Edmond, Oklahoma. I love the outdoors and as a child I would often daydream that the fish I was fishing for in my dad’s pond were actually magical sharks, and that the pond was some sort of crack in a wall of some alternate reality. I never caught that magical shark, and I decided to start creating my own alternate worlds because I never found one myself.

I love chips and salsa, but I like to grow my own ingredients and make it myself. If the world ended I think I could survive on it. Also, I’m a coffee addict. I’m pretty sure I was drinking even when I was fed a bottle. I tend to be a little snobby about my coffee and the way it’s fixed.

I’m a big Wheel of Time fan, and I’ve read Fahrenheit 451 more times than I can remember. I’m also a huge fan of the TV show Jericho. In fact I started out writing Jericho fan fic.

Hey everyone, it’s me, Iggy. I decided to hack JJ’s email and fix this doc before he sent it in. He should really create better passwords.

I just want you to know the truth about JJ. I hate to do this, and be the one to oust him, but hey, I’m a kid and this is what we do. Are you ready? First let me explain something. As of today, JJ hasn’t paid me royalties yet! Can you believe it?

I write this award winning book about me and my friends rescuing the neighborhood from these Plastic Dino’s of Doom and he takes all the credit! So- here is my chance to set the record straight about the guy. My big reveal! Ready?

J.J. picks his nose!!!!

Books & Writing

I started out writing short fan fiction around 2007 or 2008. I would post them in the old fan forums that used to dominate the web. In 2011 my brother passed away from a battle with addiction. I wrote a short story titled Compulsion shortly after that dealt with forgiveness. I had a lot of anger built up after his death and writing it helped forgive some people that I needed to. It’s still available on Kindle today.

From there I wrote a couple of novellas (My Friend Louie and The Chamber). Then came Iggy & Oz, which was inspired by watching my kids play with all their toy dinosaurs. I love the silly idea. The idea that doesn’t make sense, then trying to make it a story. That’s why I enjoy middle grade and Iggy & Oz so much. My goal is to write short novels in order for families to have a fun and wild family reading night. I want to reach that reluctant reader and pull them away from the screen and into a story.

Okay, Iggy here. Can you believe what he is saying? I let JJ read my story journal, and afterwards he convinces me to let him publish it, what does he do? He slaps his name on the cover! I mean he tells a touching story about his kids playing with toys and how he wanted to write a book for them, but come on! Those two Hobbits would have gotten eaten if it wasn’t for me and my gang!

Favorite Reader Moments

I’ve had the chance to do some school visits, and zoom calls, those are always a blast. After Iggy & Oz: The Plastic Dino’s of Doom came out a mom who I didn’t know in Ohio tagged me in a photo. The pic was a pic of her kids playing with plastic Dino’s in their driveway. One had a plain white shirt that said Iggy in magic marker on the front, and the other kid’s shirt said Oz. That was one of the best moments.

Most of the readers that contact me are actually parents who have boys that are reluctant readers. They usually send me a pic saying “My kid never reads” and the pic will be of them reading a book. I love getting those…

Iggy here, again, trying to set the record straight. Man, can you believe this guy. Zoom calls with class and schools visits. One day when the world is being over taken by plastic Dino’s or giant snot balls, people will look to JJ for help and he won’t know what to do. That’s when I’ll show up and rescue everyone!!!

Future Plans

I have book three coming out this fall. Iggy & Oz: The Living Snot. Think the old movie the Blob, except it’s a big blob of snot.

I’m also finishing up book one in an upper MG fantasy trilogy that I’m shopping out right now.

Iggy here! I think it’s safe for you all to assume that this is code for: I stole another one of Iggy’s journals.

Find J. J. all over the interwebs @jjjohnsonwrites:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

And when you pick up the Prismatic anthology, look up J. J.’s story featuring Iggy, Oz, Green dragon fire and some hot peppers!

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