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Stories that Roared Loudest in April

It’s May (in case you hadn’t noticed), and that means time to look back at all the April stories and see which ones came in like a lion…

Top Stories for April

The stories that received the most lightning bolts for April were Thriller Thursday’s Corruption’s Kiss by Margaret Graber and Techno Tuesday’s Words by Katherine Vinson.

Wacky Wednesday’s Sugar Cubes by Calista Bethelle, Fantasy Friday’s The Cost by Jillian Ponchot, and Mystery Monday’s To Find a Thief by E.A. West were hot on their heels.

Congratulations, authors! We’ve got our eyes on you.

The Stray by Stephanie Scissom received the most comments for the month. Great job bringing in readers, Stephanie!

April’s Top Readers

Michael Dolan, Florid Sword, Alex McGilvery, lilakimswriter, and Zachary A. Holbrook top the list of Super Readers for April. They will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card at the end of Season One. Thank you for your support of Havok and its stories. We love that you take the time to read and comment!

For the rest of you, it’s not too late for a chance to win our Super Reader Award. Top commenters for each month will be entered into the gift card drawing. So what are you waiting for? Start reading and commenting now!

Readers’ Choice Awards Update

Four months into Season One, here are our top 10 ranked stories as determined by the Havok Horde. While #1 and #2 are the same as last month, there’ve been some changes  showing that your votes matter!

  1. When Magic Died – Michael Dolan
  2. Life Cycle 63 – Just B. Jordan
  3. Worth Saving – Stephanie Scissom
  4. Dead Magic – Tracey Dyck
  5. Bitten – Jessi L. Roberts
  6. A Symphony of WordsKerry Nietz
  7. Feathered CorpseBill Bibo Jr
  8. The MisfitsSamwise Graber
  9. Corruption’s KissMargaret Graber
  10. Of Life and BreakfastA. R. Hildebrand

The top ranked story at the end of Season One wins the Readers’ Choice Award, automatically garners a place in our Season One: Rebirth Anthology, and receives a $100 Amazon gift card.

Voting for the Readers’ Choice Award is cumulative. There’s plenty of time to vote your favorite stories into the anthology. Just keep reading and rating!

Editors’ Choice Awards Update

Our editorial teams pick their favorite stories each month as well. These stories go onto the Season’s Long List and are one step closer to being selected for publication in our Season One: Rebirth Anthology. Stay tuned, because next Saturday we’ll tell you which stories our editors chose for April and what made them stand out. Will they be the same ones that the Horde voted for? Only time (approximately one week) will tell!

Tell us your thoughts!


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