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Animal Kingdom Anthology Finalists (aka Long List)

As the unofficial monarch of the animal kingdom, I am thrilled–

Hold up, Phenny! Isn’t the lion the king?

The king of the jungle, Ling. But the phoenix is certainly more glorious and majestic than any mundane creature like a lion, though lions may have their place at the top of their local food chain.

Hmmm. Okay, go on.

As I was saying, I’m thrilled to see so many creatures get their place in the spotlight last season. Did you see the one about the goat that swallowed the time machine? And the hamster with the secret identity? And the–

Speaking of spotlights, aren’t we here to spotlight the finalists for the Animal Kingdom anthology contest?

Well, yes, I suppose we are. They’re all so good, it’s going to be tough to whittle down this list by half to select the winners. Winning stories will be in the Animal Kingdom anthology, releasing at the end of next month! I hope everyone will take the time to read through any that they missed! Remember, friends, it’s just $4.99 for a whole year of access to the entire Havok archive!

January – Partners & Predators

Sphinx and Maci by Jessica Bertrand
Demon Coyotes by Lincoln Reed
The Stardust Smugglers by Beka Gremikova
Farmer, Inventor, Goat by Todd Hertz
For the Love of Watermelon by A. C. Williams
The Curious Conduct of Miss O’Reilly by Katie Hanna
Heart of a Kitsune by Rachel Ann Michael Harris
Tale of the Spectral Kite by Jeff Gard
The Once-Stars by Kayla E. Green
Partners in Crime by Rachel Dib

February – Swimmers & Soarers

Twilight Nexus by Zimri A. Z. Zoran
Hunt for the Goblin Queen by Hannah Carter
10,001 Tiny Rebellions by Jeff Gard
The Tenth Tongue by Cassandra Hamm
Honey-Do by A. M. Reynwood
Wizards and Chickons by Arlan Gerig
The Great White Whale by Katie Hanna
Shadows Ahead by Ava Lauren Grayson
Haddie, Harpies, and Havoc by Hannah Carter
Flight Across Stars by Anna Augustine

March – Discoveries & Extinctions

Primeval by Lincoln Reed
N-E-S-P by Hannah Carter
An Hour in the Sun by Patrick M. Fitzgerald
Before and After by H. B. Flyte
Cats Rule by Allie Jo Andersen
What the Willow-Warbler Saw by Michael Teasdale
Preserving Peace by S. E. M. Ishida
To Wish Upon a Wolf by Krysta Tawlks
The Hidden Forest by J. L. Ender
The Healing Tree by John de Sousa

April – Beautiful & Dangerous

Burnt and Beautiful Things by Mia Rumi
The King’s Cat by Cynthia Wilfert
Z Karr and the Pearls of Aphrodite by Patrick M. Fitzgerald
The Hand That Feeds by Lincoln Reed
Fostering the Goddess by Laralyn Ellsworth
Small Talk by Rachel Dib
Survivor’s Instinct by Lisa Breen
Danger Where It Walks by Pamela Love
A Clamor of Wings by Cassandra Hamm
Human by Katie Hanna

May – Symbiotes & Parasites

Man & Beast by Lauren Hildebrand
To Drain the Stream of Life by Lincoln Reed
The Immortal Mr. Ballantyne by Abigail Falanga
The Organic Treatment by Tera Shewchenko
My Ferret Sees Ghosts by Megan Gerig
Negotiations of an Igneous Nature by Michael Dolan
Mirror of the Sky by Patrick M. Fitzgerald
The Egg by Nicholas Schorn
What a Marriage Needs by Jeff Gard
The Wizard’s Library by Allie Jo Andersen

June – Macro & Micro

Where’s Griswald? by Rachel Dib
Theirs by Pamela Love
Rise of the Elead by Kyrsten Newlon
Flea for Your Life by Anita Howitt
The Ginormous Giant Panda Lie by Hannah Carter
Mr. Reliable by Rachel Dib
Taming the Volcano by Cassandra Hamm
The Prairie Smuggler by Julia Skinner
A Fluke at Work by Hannah Muldery
Sky Rays by Emily Barnett
Bite Size by Liam Hogan

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the release of our Season Seven t-shirt fundraiser and the announcement of our winners!

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