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H. L. Davis

Big Ben

I settle my giant form deep in the white sand, smirking with satisfaction as the mermaids’ shouts of rage continue to ring out across the water. Perhaps they are right to be a little vexed; I did, after all, startle them from their play in the lagoon, chasing them about and snapping my

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Hazel Hood

I’m sure as a child you heard one of the many versions of “Little Red Riding Hood” that circulate the globe. While most of them do introduce three true characters in that event—a girl cloaked in red, a nefarious wolf, and a sick grandmother—none of the tales you’ve heard include me.

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Gold Most Curious

An ocean of color floods Damien’s eyes as he steps out of the portal. A blinding array of purple, yellow, blue, and white blooms. He frowns.
Irises? Not what he expected. But little about this search has gone according to plan.
Jerking up his binoculars, Damien surveys the land beyond the field of flowers.

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Fiona’s Fabulous Footwear

It was the day before Elle’s ball, and I was desperate. So I traveled with all haste to my cousin’s shoppe, Fiona’s Fabulous Footwear.
I know, I know. I’m Elle’s fairy godmother. I should have known how to make some simple slippers. But while I can create the most ornate carriages

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