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May’s Scoreboard

Top Stories for May

The stories that received the most lightning bolts for April were
Techno Tuesday’s Sins of Fire and Metal by Emileigh Latham and
Wacky Wednesday’s At Your Service by Christine Smith.

Topping off our other genres, we have
Thriller Thursday’s The Tomb of the Ophidian Scepter by Michael Dolan,
Fantasy Friday’s Victor by E.A. West, and
Mystery Monday’s Proof by Susan Lyttek.

Congratulations, authors! We’ve got our eyes on you.

May’s Top Readers

Alex McGilvery, Florid Sword, Zachary A. Holbrook, Paul Nieto, and Michael Dolan top the list of Super Readers for May. They will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card at the end of Season One. Thank you for your support of Havok and its stories. We love that you take the time to read and comment!

For the rest of you, it’s not too late for a chance to win our Super Reader Award. Top commenters for each month will be entered into the gift card drawing. So what are you waiting for? Start reading and commenting now!

Readers’ Choice Awards Update

Five months into Season One, here are our top 10 ranked stories as determined by the Havok Horde. Two new stories are debuting in our top 10 showing that your votes matter!

  1. When Magic Died – Michael Dolan
  2. Life Cycle 63 – Just B. Jordan
  3. WordsKatherine Vinson
  4. Dead Magic – Tracey Dyck
  5. Worth Saving – Stephanie Scissom
  6. Bitten – Jessi L. Roberts
  7. A Symphony of WordsKerry Nietz
  8. Corruption’s Kiss – Margaret Graber
  9. Feathered Corpse – Bill Bibo Jr
  10. Sins of Fire and MetalEmileigh Latham

The top ranked story at the end of Season One wins the Readers’ Choice Award, automatically garners a place in our Season One: Rebirth Anthology, and receives a $100 Amazon gift card.

Voting for the Readers’ Choice Award is cumulative. There’s plenty of time to vote your favorite stories into the anthology. Just keep reading and rating!

Editors’ Choice Awards Update

Our editors have picked their favorite May stories. That means the stories below are in contention for our first anthology! (You’ll have to wait until July to find out which ones make the final cut, though!)

If you don’t see your favorite story below, have no fear! Readers’ Choice voting goes through the first week of July, so there’s still time to vote your favorite story into the anthology.

Here are the stories that caught our editors’ attention and the reason for their selection. Straight from our hive mind:

Mystery Monday

Window by Carie Juettner for its eerie tone and slow reveal.

Proof by Susan Lyttek, an engaging story with an epic reveal.

Techno Tuesday

Sins of Fire and Metal by Emileigh Latham, a tale woven with beauty and heartache seamlessly.

The Moon by Rebecca Monterusso, a reflective look at how everything depends on another and the fallout if our world changes drastically.

Wacky Wednesday

At Your Service by Christine Smith, for being a visually engaging, off the wall, romp with utterly endearing characters.

The Wack-a-Moleist by Justin Mynheir, for it’s extremely clever premise, well-played, wacky, yet heart-stopping tension, and gratifying conclusion.

Thriller Thursday

The Tomb of the Ophidian Scepter by Michael Dolan: with well-paced action and Indiana Jones meets Percy Jackson or The Mummy vibes, this story kept us engaged from start to finish.

Sealed Fate by Zachary Holbrook: wonderful fantasy world building while standing with integrity against impossible odds.

Fantasy Friday

Seeing is Believing by Clarissa Ruth, because it was an emotional journey from blindness to sight, from disbelief to belief, and from despair to hope.

Victor by E.A. West, because it was a sweet story about losing—and gaining a pet. Plus who doesn’t like stories about a cat metamorphosing into a dragon?

Congratulations, authors, and thank you for wreaking Havok with us!

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