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Editor & Reader Favorites for September 2020

EDITOR FAVORITES MYSTERY MONDAY “Into the Jonahverse” – We enjoyed sleuthing out the story behind the mysterious voice along with Jonah. “One New Message” – The reader is pulled into the emotional struggle the MC is going through over the loss of a loved one and that final message. TECHNO TUESDAY “Sound Waves and Sunshine”

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Editor & Reader Favorites for August 2020

EDITOR FAVORITES MYSTERY MONDAY “Revenge with a Side of Asparagus” – Great fantasy tale about a man having to choose between forgiveness and revenge. “Salarius” – We loved the main character, with his pompous view of life and his obsession with homemade biscuits, even when faced with a failed attempt on his life. TECHNO TUESDAY

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Editor & Reader Favorites for July 2020

If you’re an author, you’ve probably been wondering, When is Havok going to tell us how our stories are doing? What happened to the monthly updates? Am I in the running for the anthology? What about Editors’ and Readers’ Choice? Writers are a nosy bunch. We’re sorry for the delay, but there was a good

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