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Editor & Reader Favorites for December 2020



Where’s Santa?” A perfect mix of whimsy and heart, with a great punch ending!

Blind As a Bat” The students at the Reformatory School for Troubled Monsters are in trouble once again! We love the story’s characters and creativity.


“50UL” was too good to be true. A unique setting, a heartwarming plot, and a main character like we’d never seen before. You can’t help falling a little bit in love every time you read it.

Hollowgram” is an absolute tear-jerker. Sparse, raw, and instantly relatable for anyone who wishes they had just a little more time with a loved one.


“Froombas of True Colors” Former best friends, mythical froomshrooms, and a heartwarming (surprise) ending—what’s not to like? A delightful twist on friendship and loyalty, interwoven with witty dialogue and vivid descriptions.

The Nerds Strike Back” – What happens when a pair of nerds are bullied too far? A hilarious twist on “The Emperor’s New Clothes” of course, delivered with snark and creative flair.


Dark Winter Sight” – A routine delivery turns into a rescue mission in this fast-paced action-thriller, in which the hero must act when all others doubt. A clever concept and heroic teamwork had us rooting for mission success.

The Unseen” – Mercedes and her world drew us in from the very first paragraph, and we couldn’t help but root for her as she bravely sought a cure for her strange affliction.


Serpents” flips everything we assume about monsters in mythology and turns it into a powerful story on such a raw, difficult topic. The ending nearly brought tears to our eyes. We don’t think we’ll ever look at the story of Medusa the same again.

Wise Man” starts off so simple, we could never expect the beautiful, powerful ending. The gentle, caring heart throughout this story makes it shine as bright as the star that guides the wise man!


  1. All Those Shining Lights” by Andrew M. Wang
  2. Serpents by Hannah Robinson
  3. Through Eyes of Green” by Christine Smith
  4. The Lucifer Project by Cassandra Hamm
  5. The Unseen by Kaitlyn Carter Brown


Editor Favorites and Reader Favorites are just two of the factors that we consider when determining which stories are selected for our seasonal anthologies. If you see your story here, it means you’ve earned some extra attention! We’ll announce which stories actually make it to the finals when we post the Anthology Long List in February. In the meantime, keep reading and voting!

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