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Editor & Reader Favorites for September 2020



Into the Jonahverse” – We enjoyed sleuthing out the story behind the mysterious voice along with Jonah.

One New Message” – The reader is pulled into the emotional struggle the MC is going through over the loss of a loved one and that final message.


Sound Waves and Sunshine” asks what you would do to forge a new future, what you would sacrifice to make your voice heard… and what you lose when you don’t listen. Tragic and introspective, and worth a second read—or third.

Brownie Points” – a spaceship’s smallest passenger turns out to be just the right size after all. Tense, punchy, and satisfying.


While we normally prefer speculative fiction, “Little Piggy Run Amok” is a great slice of life story that managed to hold our interest and make us laugh without the usual tropes.

Of Masks and Macarenas” pulled us in right from the start. Ghosts doing the Macarena? Brilliant. Witty one-liners and a fun, creative premise made this a fantastic piece of flash fiction.


Always Beauty” – We were absolutely taken in by how much heart this story had. Sammaritan’s command of language and characterization painted a beautiful picture of this slice of life.

Second Sound” – Even flash fiction can expertly play readers’ emotions, and this story is a prime example of that. A really cool fresh and subtle twist on the Echo and Narcissus myth.


Miracle’s Tree” is like a sweet breath of air. It’s so unique and lovely, and Miracle makes the perfect narrator. The way she sees the world should be eye-opening for us all!

The Language of Sound” is a vivid tale that drew us into the story world from the first paragraph. The world and characters are so vibrant and realistic, it simply comes to life right off the page.


  1. Of Masks and Macarenas” by Beka Gremikova (Wacky Wednesday)
  2. The Language of Sound” by Cassandra Hamm (Fantasy Friday)
  3. The Voice of Cancer” by Ronnell Kay Gibson (Staff Saturday)
  4. Without Silence” by Josiah Dyck (Thriller Thursday)
  5. Call of the Orb” by Cassandra Hamm (Fantasy Friday)

Editor Favorites and Reader Favorites are just two of the factors that we consider when determining which stories are selected for our seasonal anthologies. If you see your story here, it means you’ve earned some extra attention! We’ll announce which stories actually make it to the finals when we post the Anthology Long List in February. In the meantime, keep reading and rating your favorite stories. Readers’ Choice voting ends January 15!

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