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Weekend Scoreboard - Bingeworthy - Phenny & Ling

Top Stories From April 2020… so far

Phenny Phoenix here! Havok you heard the news? I’m the new weekend correspondent! What was Havok thinking? It’s time to announce Havok’s Top Stories for April. Before I do, can you guess which of Havok’s genres is my favorite? …??? Wacky Wednesday, of course! They’re the punniest. Unfortunately, for Wacky, our top story for April was

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Most Quotable Contest

One of the ways we love to wreak Havok is by holding contests. Authors submit stories to determine who will get published on our daily ezine. (Yes, publication is a contest. May the best stories win!) Readers vote and rate the daily stories to determine which wins the Readers’ Choice Award. Our daily editors and

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Top Stories From March 2020…
so far

March. What can we say? It marched in and brought with it the Time of Confinement. Good thing we had a lot of Bingeworthy reads for you! Let’s check out the stories that YOU liked the most during the Age of Quarantine. Here are the March Readers’ Favorites (to date). Remember: if you don’t agree,

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Top Stories from February 2020… so far

February–the month of love! Ooo-la-la. Just the idea makes me want to speak in French. We loved us some stories from February! A lot of great additions to our Bingeworthy theme! Let’s check out the stories that YOU gave the most love. Here are the February Readers’ Favorites (to date). Remember: if you don’t agree,

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Top Stories from January 2020… so far

I have been negligent in my duty, but since my name doesn’t appear on this post, you can’t stick out your tongue at me. Sure, sure–you know *someone* at Havok hasn’t been keeping up with the Weekend Scoreboard. You just don’t know that that someone is me. Bwahahaha. But here I am. And I have

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Morgan L. Busse interview featured image

“Stories That Sing” Featured Author: Morgan Busse

Morgan L. Busse is one of the sweetest and most humble authors you could ever meet. She’s the author of the critically acclaimed Follower of the Word series, The Soul Chronicles, and award-winning Ravenwood Saga. Morgan is here today to talk about her latest release, the third and final book in her Ravenwood Saga: Cry

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