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Top Stories from February 2020… so far

February–the month of love! Ooo-la-la. Just the idea makes me want to speak in French.

We loved us some stories from February! A lot of great additions to our Bingeworthy theme! Let’s check out the stories that YOU gave the most love.

Here are the February Readers’ Favorites (to date).

Remember: if you don’t agree, you have the power to affect these ratings. Read, comment, and vote! Then come back next week and see how things have changed.

Our top story of the month was Wacky Wednesday’s “Loves Cats” by Krysta Tawlks! Congratulations Krysta!

The top story in each of our other genres included:

The top 5 stories for Season Three as of the end of February were as follows:

  1. Loves Cats” by Krysta Tawlks
  2. Taquitos and Heroes” by A. C. Williams
  3. Bloodlender Babysitter” by Beka Gremikova
  4. Immortals” by Arielle Anderson
  5. White As Snow” by Lisa Driscol

Finally, the TOP 10 stories for Season Three: Bingeworthy, as voted by YOU, to date…


with castanets…

and MORE cowbell…

  1. The Art of Taming a Dragon” by Hannah Robinson
  2. Loves Cats” by Krysta Tawlks
  3. The Time Travelers” by Kaitlyn Carter Brown
  4. Sexiest Man in Space” by Teddi Deppner
  5. Taquitos and Heroes” by A. C. Williams
  6. Bloodlender Babysitter” by Beka Gremikova
  7. Immortals” by Arielle Anderson
  8. Everything’s Cooler with Armor” by A. C. Williams
  9. Earl’s Dilemma” by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
  10. White As Snow” by Lisa Driscol

If you’re in the top 10, authors, encourage your friends to come by and read, comment, and vote! The race is close and *anyone* could be our Readers’ Choice Award Winner for Season Three! Not only does our Readers’ Choice Winner receive fame and glory, they also receive a $100 Amazon gift card and a guaranteed place in our Season Three anthology!

Come back next weekend to see the Top Stories from March, and to see if our Top 10 overall have been able to hold their lead!

Join our elite group of members…

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