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Weekend Scoreboard - Bingeworthy - Phenny & Ling

Top Stories From April 2020… so far

Phenny Phoenix here! Havok you heard the news? I’m the new weekend correspondent!

What was Havok thinking?

It’s time to announce Havok’s Top Stories for April. Before I do, can you guess which of Havok’s genres is my favorite?


Wacky Wednesday, of course! They’re the punniest.

Unfortunately, for Wacky, our top story for April was Techno Tuesday’s “Just Like Once Upon a Time” by S. C. E. Swayne. Congratulations, S. C. E.!

Topping off our other genres, fan favorites included:

The Boy with the Crows” by Hope Ann | Mystery Monday
A Grain to Spare” by K. M. Small | Wacky Wednesday
Deepest Chains” by Josiah Dyck | Thriller Thursday
Flowers” by Hannah Robinson | Fantasy Friday

And the top ranking April stories (by comments, ratings, votes) were as follows:

  1. Just Like Once Upon a Time” by S. C. E. Swayne
  2. The Boy with the Crows” by Hope Ann
  3. Deepest Chains” by Josiah Dyck
  4. Flowers” by Hannah Robinson
  5. Upstairs Floorboards” by Alex Mellen

Well done, S. C. E. and everyone! We’ve got our eyes on you.

Finally, the TOP 10 stories for Season Three: Bingeworthy, as voted by YOU, to date…

You know, Ling, it’s interesting. It seems we have a deficit of phoenix-centered stories compared with last year. I mean, during Rebirth there were all kinds of phoenix stories, and it was wonderful! Now there’s a whole story about taming dragons, but nothing about phoenixes? Why is that? Why do Havok’s stories almost exclusively have to be about boring humans or the occasional dragon? I mean, why not branch out a little—

Phenny! Get off your soapbox and announce the Top 10 already!

Fine. Here they are:

  1. Just Like Once Upon a Time” by S. C. E. Swayne
  2. The Boy with the Crows” by Hope Ann
  3. A Far-Off Place” by Brianna Suazo
  4. The Art of Taming a Dragon” by Hannah Robinson
  5. Loves Cats” by Krysta Tawlks
  6. The Last Gateway” by Cassandra Hamm
  7. Deepest Chains” by Josiah Dyck
  8. Flowers” by Hannah Robinson
  9. She Wants a Real Man” by Krysta Tawlks
  10. The Time Travelers” by Kaitlyn Carter Brown

Nice! That’s a pretty even mix across the months: 3 January, 1 February, 3 March, and 4 April stories.

Hey February authors! Between you and me, you need to get in touch with your family, friends, and fans and have them come comment and vote on your story. It’s not too late!

Actually, ALL the authors should do that, Phenny.

Sure, Ling, sure. But the top dogs at Havok… Actually maybe that’s top dog. What do you call a dog with three heads? Is it dog or dogs

Focus, Phenny!

Sorry, Ling.

As I was saying, Cerberus claims the race is close and anyone could be our Readers’ Choice Award Winner for Season Three! One lucky, I mean, meritorious winner…

Nice save.

…will receive Havok’s Readers’ Choice Award and the fame and glory therein contained.

‘Therein contained?’

Ah-hem. They’ll also receive a $100 Amazon gift card and a guaranteed place in the Season Three: Bingeworthy anthology! Not too shabby, huh?

Not shabby at all. In fact, I’m working on a story of my own—

Now who needs to focus, Ling?

So, join us next month to see whether the February authors did as they were told—


I mean… whether the Top Stories from April were able to retain their lead or whether some months made a comeback.

And we’ll find out the top stories from May as well!

You always have to get the last word…

Help fund author payments for our next anthology!

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