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Top Stories from January 2020… so far

I have been negligent in my duty, but since my name doesn’t appear on this post, you can’t stick out your tongue at me. Sure, sure–you know *someone* at Havok hasn’t been keeping up with the Weekend Scoreboard. You just don’t know that that someone is me. Bwahahaha.

But here I am. And I have So. Much. Data. to share with you!

A lot of great things happened in January: the world got a year older; we all got new calendars; and we celebrated it all with a brand new season of Havok! Our very third season, in fact: Bingeworthy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the stories as much as we’ve been enjoying posting them for you.

Here are the January Readers’ Favorites (to date). Remember: if you don’t agree, you have the power to affect these ratings. Read, comment, and vote! Then come back next week and see how things have changed.

Our top story of the month was Wacky Wednesday’s “The Art of Taming a Dragon” by Hannah Robinson!

Close on her heels was Mystery Monday’s “The Time Travelers” by Kaitlyn Carter Brown.

Then Techno Tuesday’s “Sexiest Man in Space” by Teddi Deppner.

To round out our other genres we had:

The top 5 stories for Season Three as of the end of January were as follows:

  1. The Art of Taming a Dragon” by Hannah Robinson
  2. The Time Travelers” by Kaitlyn Carter Brown
  3. Sexiest Man in Space” by Teddi Deppner
  4. Everything’s Cooler with Armor” by A. C. Williams
  5. Earl’s Dilemma” by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

Come back next weekend to see the Top Stories from February, and to see if our Top 5 overall have been able to hold their lead!

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