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Announcing “Remember January” Flash Fiction Contest Winners!

This year Havok celebrated its five year anniversary by launching a brand new author contest schedule. Instead of running a six month contest and announcing winners at the end of a long wait, we have the joy of applauding winners every month! We’ll be selecting the strongest story of the month from each of our genre days: Mystery Monday, Techno Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Thriller Thursday, and Fantasy Friday, for a total of five winners.

Our 2024 monthly contest themes are designed to bring out stories that entertain with events befitting each month’s weather, activities, and holidays. January is winter in North America, where most (but not all!) of our staff and author community live, so you’ll find a lot of chills with your thrills among January’s winning stories.

Join us in congratulating our first winning authors of Havok Season 11: Remember When!

If you have a Havok membership you can click or tap any cover above to read the story. And if you don’t, now is the perfect time to get one! It’s just $4.99/year to access our entire collection of 1000+ flash fiction stories across five fun genres. Membership also gives you voting rights in the Readers’ Choice selection and qualifies you for our reader prizes!

Congratulations, everyone!

Watch social media for further announcements — our t-shirt fundraiser is coming soon!

P.S. If you are a winner and didn’t receive the notification we sent via email, please check your junk mail folder and whitelist @gohavok.com!

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