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Season Six: Casting Call
Anthology Winners

Hello, folks, Phenny the Phoenix here, reporting on the results for Havok’s Season Six: Casting Call contest!

These stories passed the Great Audition of our daily publication, impressing our editors with their stunning renditions of memorable characters. Then, after duking it out with other fabulous stories in the wings, they took center stage and garnered the approval of Havok’s savvy anthology selection judges.


July – Ruler / Rebel

The Moon Duchess / Sheri Yutzy
Tomorrow / Katie Hanna
A Handful of Twigs / Cortney Manning
Iron Hood / Meaghan E. Ward
Fines and Flames / Cassandra Hamm

August – Hero / Magician

The Wandmaker’s Offer / Yaasha Moriah
The Illusionist / Cortney Manning
Shiner / J. L. Ender
The Skinwalker / A. C. Williams
The Bodies in Question / Michael Teasdale

September – Creator / Explorer

The Path Home / Nathan Veyon
The Watchman / Hannah Robinson
Dust to Dust / Lincoln Reed
All I Did Was Science / K. H. Marah
A Spoonful of Doom / Julia Skinner

October – Everyman / Jester

The Fears / Anna Augustine
Jester’s Maze / Lincoln Reed
Words to Live By / Jim Doran
Going Native / Joseph Sidari
Human’s Advocate / M.A.E.

November – Caregiver / Lover

Gone Fishin’ / Emily Barnett
Bridge Vigil / Rose Q. Addams
Save the Cat / Lincoln Reed
The Good Boy / Michael Teasdale
Four Wizards and a Funeral / Katie Hanna

December – Innocent / Sage

Dandelion Wishes / Hailey Huntington
Dark Side of the Moon / Lincoln Reed
The Nightmare Hunters Before Christmas / Hannah Carter
To Fight and Fly / Crystal Grant
I’ll Explain Later / M.A.E.

Congratulations, authors! We are so proud of you and your stories!

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  • Congrats, everybody!! :D
    *Throws confetti, has brought virtual cake*
    Good job, whether or not your story was included in the anthology! The stories’ quality as a whole just keeps going up… and up…
    (Honestly, I’m surprised I made it!)

    As a reader, I was supremely pleased with the scope and variety of the worlds and characters here, and am only sorry more of my favorites could not be squeezed in. ;)

  • Congratulations, everyone!! *confetti*

    This is going to be an amazing anthology, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  • I’m so honored to be a part of this amazing group!!! Congrats to the rest of the authors 🥳🤩 we really wreaked some havok 😁

  • Agree with the postings above. I’m honored to have a story included—congrats to everyone on this list. Many talented authors created ingenious flash fiction this season. Such great stories both above and throughout the six months.

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