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The Inside Scoop: What we’re looking for this season

Every season is designed to invite stories that explore a different theme that readers enjoy. Havok is designed as an ongoing contest in which a winner is picked for each genre day of the week (mystery, science fiction, humor, thriller, and fantasy) and each monthly theme. Those top thirty are usually collected into an anthology twice a year, a collection designed to give readers a unique experience, both cohesive and chock-full of variety. In 2024 we’re awarding winners every month and will collect those stories into a single volume for the whole year.

For a better chance to nail this season’s theme and get noticed by our editors–and have a better shot at inclusion in the anthology–here’s the inside scoop about our current season and what we’re looking for.


The focus of this season is to tell stories with a strong narrative voice, ideally something that sounds autobiographical. If you have any questions about the theme, feel free to ask them on any of our social media platforms or via email to authorcentral@gohavok.com.

Overall Tips

  • Your story doesn’t have to be in first person, but often that’s the best POV for a strong narrative voice.
  • Make sure the story has some element that clearly marks it as set in the month you’re submitting it for. If it’s for February, then a Valentine’s Day reference works. Or you could start the story with the time and place, like at the top of a letter (“October 30, 1845, Appalachian Mountains”). If it’s for July, your character might be on summer vacation. Here’s a site to get a list of holidays in each month.

Narrative Voice Examples

Many stories in our archives are excellent examples of a “strong narrative voice”. If you are a Havok member, you might want to check these out:

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