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Havok Supports Your Story Worlds

Havok has always encouraged authors to use existing characters and worlds from their WIP or published works in stories they submit. We’re here to publish great flash fiction entertainment and to help authors make new fans, and that’s a great strategy for both. Now that we’ve published over 600 stories and feature many repeat authors, there are more and more cases where several stories in our collection relate to each other in some way.

What’s a “story world”?

When stories share the same characters or the same setting, we call it sharing the same story world. To use the Marvel cinematic universe as an example, the Iron Man and Thor movies are connected because they both exist in the same universe. Even if Iron Man doesn’t show up in a Thor movie, there may be a reference to him, or there may be shared supporting characters that appear across both characters’ movies.

We’re working on plans to add links to companion stories at the end of each related story. As we continue efforts to create story cover graphics, we’d also like to give the covers for related stories similar designs. But we need your help!

How to make your story world official

Starting in September 2021 our author intake form (filled out as part of our acceptance process) includes a place tell us your story world name, if the story is related to other Havok-published stories in some way.

You know your stories better than we do. If you know that two or more stories you’ve published with Havok are in the same story world and they were published before September 2021, here’s how to contact us about it:

  1. Decide on a name for your story world. Maximum 30 characters, including spaces (here’s a visual: 123 56789 1114161820 232527 30).
    John Doe Mysteries (based on the main character)
    Centauri Rising (based on an existing published book series or the concept or theme that ties the stories together)
  2. Email production@gohavok.com with a list of your stories in order, along with links to each one (if you’re a member; if not, titles are sufficient).
  3. Include the story world name.
  4. Your email subject line should include the keywords “story world”.

World naming makes for social media fun!

If you need help coming up with a story world name, why not have have fun with it? Post on social media asking your followers and friends for ideas. If you tag @gohavok then we’ll share your post and help you name the story world!


Story worlds could also be called a story “series,” but each story submitted to Havok must stand alone on its own three feet (beginning, middle, and end). While we accept related stories, we don’t want serial stories (episodic chapters). Consecutive stories (ones that stand alone but occur one after the other) are fine. Clear as mud?

Here’s the bottom line: someone reading one of your stories should be able to enjoy it as much as any other story we publish at Havok. If they recognize characters and settings, great! We just don’t publish stories readers won’t enjoy or understand without having read a previous story.

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