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Tell the Wolves I’m Home

I was surrounded. There, atop the ruins of what was once a great symbol of power, I lifted my hands in surrender.

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NewU Life Agency

“Thank you for calling NewU Life Agency, where your dream life is only a phone call away. This is Zoran.How may I be of assistance?” The demon stifled a yawn with a clawed hand.

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Only Human

I have started to turn.
The others haven’t noticed. The rot, the size of a cigar burn, is on my right wrist. I’m wearing short sleeves, so I can’t hide it. I keep my arm turned over and favor my left, flipping switches, preparing for take-off. It won’t do to have a pilot who’s infected.

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Arresting Behavior

“Nobody believes in evil anymore.” She sighed a long, laborious sigh.
I wanted to prove her wrong. I wanted to go right out and commit the most heinous act I could think of. But I couldn’t. Things just didn’t work that way anymore.

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Second Honeymoon

“Come on Lianna, I got you.” I gripped her hand as I led her down the boulders. We descended toward a deserted cove surrounded by white cliffs where glistening sand beckoned us to play among the turquoise waves. Wearing flip-flops, Lianna hadn’t planned to do any rock climbing on this trip, but she rose to the challenge with a grin and her teasing line, “I’d follow you anywhere, Bo.”

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Beautiful Corpse

He wants to dig up the body.

“This is a bad idea,” I whisper to my father beneath the light of the moon.

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Of Life and Breakfast

The man stood on my front step, white suit hanging over his unnaturally tall, thin frame, my morning paper in his hand. I pulled my bathrobe tighter and blearily glanced from his rainbow wig to my paper as I processed his greeting.
“So… you said you’re the grim reaper?”

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Life Cycle 63

Death didn’t chase him. It surrounded him. It was just dormant for the next twenty minutes.

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The Chameleon

If I’d been smart, I never would have taken that dame’s job. Never should have left the office.

With the afternoon sun blazing down, I watched from my window as Mrs. Malloy strode down the street with her blond hair caught up in a net, a knit cardigan over her shoulders, and plaid skirt skimming her knees.

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They couldn’t execute my second son because I couldn’t conceive him.

I burned for a second son. I burned like my first son had burned on his pyre: head tilted towards the sky, mouth open and gasping for air, neck tendons standing out like cords as the fire licked his skin and devoured his heart.

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Phenomenal Phoenixes

Behind me, the aviary had grown unnaturally quiet. Scores of black orbish eyes peeped between the bars of their spacious cages—all looking at me.

When Mystic Critters hired me, they’d warned me that phoenixes are sentient. They’d failed to add that they are shameless eavesdroppers and malicious gossips.

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The Barnstormer

It wasn’t anything like TV. The engines fired, flames brighter than the sun, the sound beating at Sue’s chest. Then the launch, starting ever-so-slowly, the winged capsule atop the slender booster reaching for the sky. Sue bent backwards, shading her eyes to watch it roaring upward. She found herself whispering, “Go, baby!”

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