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Readers’ Choice Award Winners (by anthology season)

When Magic Died by Michael Dolan

Stories That Sing
Stealer of Secrets by Cassandra Hamm

The Art of Taming a Dragon by Hannah Robinson

Of Masks and Macarenas by Beka Gremikova

The Yellow Helmet by Kanchana Menon

Casting Call
Fines and Flames by Cassandra Hamm

Animal Kingdom
Taming the Volcano by Cassandra Hamm

Vice & Virtue
Dragons Are Not Heroes by Emily Barnett

Editors’ Choice Award Winners

Life Cycle 63 by Just B. Jordan

Stories That Sing
A Good Night to Be Alive by Meaghan E. Ward

Unexpected Encounters of a Draconic Kind by Beka Gremikova

A Recipe for Disaster by L. G. McCary

A Home for Nova by Hannah Carter

Casting Call
Gone Fishin’ by Emily Barnett

Animal Kingdom
Sky Rays by Emily Barnett

Vice & Virtue
Proofreader by Victoria Roberts

Realm Award Winners

The following stories won awards at the annual Realm Makers writers conference.

2022 winner in the Flash Fiction category
A Home for Nova by Hannah Carter

2022 winner in the Audio Short category
Dragon’s Spite by Edward Sand

2021 winner in the Flash Fiction category
The Voice of Cancer by Ronnell Kay Gibson

2021 winner in the Audio Short category
Why God Made Beer by A. C. Williams

Most Prolific Author
Award Winners

2019Abigail Falanga (16 stories)

2020Beka Gremikova (15 stories)

2021Beka Gremikova (26 stories)

2022Rachel Dib (19 stories)

Story Podcast Winners

The Havok Story Podcast functions as another level of notoriety for stories we publish. Only tales that catch the eye of our fabulous narrator Magnus Carlssen get to tickle the ears of our listening audience. Check out the podcast page on Anchor.fm for a full list of the stories that Magnus has turned into captivating audio narrations.

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