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Weekend Scoreboard - Bingeworthy - Phenny & Ling

Limited-Time Bingeworthy Offerings

We wanted to share a few exciting opportunities for our friends and fans to wrap up our Bingeworthy season.

Hurry up and get your binge on! The whole website, and our 400+ story archive, is open for browsing and commenting today until 10pm CDT. If you like what you see, you can get open access for as little as $1.99 for a 3-month membership or $4.99 for a full year! Members, AKA the Havok Horde, have voting privileges.

Anyone can comment on their favorite stories to give them a boost, but each star awarded is the equivalent of 10 comments! If you rate a story three stars (top rating), that’s the equivalent of 30 comments. Reason enough to become a member, right?

You can read ALL our stories, but voting for the Bingeworthy Readers’ Choice Award closes July 10th. Let your vote be heard!

Also, now through July 22, you can purchase a Season Three: Bingeworthy T-shirt!

That’s right. Your phavorite phoenix in bingeworthy colors!

All of the proceeds fund our anthology, from its cover to formatting to author payments. The best part is if you buy a T-shirt, you get a complimentary copy of Season Three: Bingeworthy when it releases this summer!

Buy a shirt, get the ebook!

Buy a shirt, pay an author!
I wish the T-shirts came in my size.

At least your silhouette is ON the cover, Phenny.

Maybe you’ll make Season Four: Sensational‘s cover, Ling.

Stay tuned, phoenix lovers, because later this month we’ll announce the Anthology Finalists!

Join our elite group of members…

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