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Season Two Jukebox Contest

December’s Open Mic Night Jukebox: Chart Toppers

Season Two: Stories That Sing is wrapped up with a bow, but not boxed and put away with the Christmas decorations! We’re compiling the best of the best into our Season Two Anthology. More information on that next weekend!

In the meantime, we entered everyone with a correct guess (user name in parentheses) into a random drawing. The first Havok Horde member’s name drawn won the $10 Amazon gift card for December.

This month’s SUPER READER Award goes to hmuldery!  Congratulations, you should receive your $10 Amazon gift card via email this week. If you don’t, please leave us a comment.

Now, here are the songs that inspired December’s stories:

Meaghan E. Ward’s A Good Night to Be Alive: “Who Let the Dogs Out”

√  Madison Brown’s The New Age: “Radioactive” (Rachael K.)

√  Jillian Ponchot’s Let Your Grandma Be Your Guide: “Give a Little Whistle” (AMediting)

Beka Gremikova’s Burial: “Under Pressure” by Queen

R.F. Gammon’s Song of the Stars: “Echo” by STARSET

Rachel Ann Michael Harris’s The Ride: “Riding with Private Malone”

Abigail Falanga’s Twelve Princesses of ‘Frisco: “Do You Want to Dance” by Bobby Freeman

F. Buckles’s Filter: “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M.

A.C. Williams’s Peanut Butter Paralysis: “I’m A Believer ”

Rachael Kemme’s Darksoul: “Mirror Girl” by Abbiee

Cassandra Hamm’s Walls: “Pompeii” by Bastille

J.L. Ender’s Stranded: “Honeybee” by The Head and the Heart

O. Bonham’s Snow Blind: “Permafrost”

Warren Firschein’s Thursday is Open Mic Night on Fantuvia Prime: “Science Fiction” performed by Ornette Coleman

√  Abigail Falanga’s Just Imagination: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson (KristianasQuill)

Kaycee Browning’s Formalities: “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” by Celine Dion

Sophia Hansen’s Mine: “Earth Angel”

√  Rachel Ann Michael Harris’s Cotton’s First Christmas: “Christmas Don’t be Late” by Alvin and the Chipmunks (hmuldery)

Susan Lyttek’s Samara Spade and the Case of the Mystified Misfit: “Roundabout” by Yes

Lindsi McIntyre’s Real: “I Want To Know What Love Is”

Kathryn Rose’s Dust Bunny Revolution: “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas

√  Abigail Falanga’s The Invasion: “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” by Charles Wesley (Zachary A. Holbrook)

Zachary Holbrook’s Wilson’s Smile: “Smile” by Namo

Ronnell Kay Gibson’s No Longer A Sidekick: “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa

Lila Kims’s The Voices: “Let You Down” by NF

Edward Sand’s The End of Everything: “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane

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