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1970s Final List & Monthly Winner

We entered everyone with a correct guess (user name in parentheses) into a random drawing. The first Havok Horde member’s name drawn won the $10 Amazon gift card for September.

This month’s SUPER READER Award goes to sophiahansen! Congratulations, you should receive your $10 Amazon gift card via email this weekend. If you don’t, please leave us a comment.

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Now, here are the songs that inspired September’s stories… All of them!

√ To Con a Werewolf by Kristiana Sfirlea – Werewolves of London (sophiahansen)
√ The Devil Tries Again by R.F. Gammon – The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Skye)
√ Space Lanes by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt – Wolf Creek Pass by C.W. McCall (StorySpinner)
√ Love’s Sacrifice by Elizabeth West – The Boys Are Back In Town (Stephanie Scissom)
Stealer of Secrets by Cassandra Hamm – Message in a Bottle by The Police

Identity by Abigail Falanga – Let It Be by The Beatles
√ A Ride Home by Kandi J Wyatt – Take me Home, Country Roads by John Denver (R C)
√ Weary Dreamer by Lila Kims – Dreams by Fleetwood Mac (JLSchmidt)
√ No Barrier Strong Enough by Ronald Alan Lindsay – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (lilakimswriter)
√ Crystal Palace by C.S. Wachter – Hotel California (AMediting)

Samara Spade and the Case of Disgruntled Driver by Susan Lyttek – Abacab
√ Fly by Emily Grant – Freebird (Susan Lyttek)
Slippers by Abigail Falanga – No More Tears (Enough is Enough) by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer
Taller Than Ever by J.L. Ender – The Little People Work (Instrumental from Star Wars soundtrack)
√ Love of the Sea by Nicki Chapelway – Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl (DebH)

√ Cadillac Cold Case by Lauren Hildebrand – One Piece at a Time (SC Steamer)
Long ago, Far Away, Never Forgotten by Diane Arrelle – Paradise By The Dashboard Light
√ The Werewolf Next Door by Abigail Falanga- Werewolves of London (KristianasQuill)
√ The Letter by Hannah Lindsay – Bohemian Rhapsody (Zachary A. Holbrook)
√ Weaver of Dreams by Jebraun Clifford – Dream Weaver (SC Steamer)

The Call by Susan Lyttek – More than a Feeling by Boston

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Thanks for playing Season Two: Stories That Sing! 1970s edition. From our jukebox to yours…

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  • I do wish I’d had longer to guess on many of the 70s songs. Seems like it ended a smidge quickly…

    • Sorry, Susan! Stories published closer to the beginning of the month do have more time for guesses than those that are published later… Maybe next month we can consider extending it for an additional week.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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