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August’s Chart Toppers

We’re back, bringing you the Top songs Stories for August and also for Season Two. Ranking are based on comments, votes, and ratings.

At the top of our August list are:

  1. Fire and Stone by Zachary Holbrook (Fantasy Friday)
  2. Sold Out by Daria V. Diachkova (Fantasy Friday)
  3. The Game by C.S. Wachter (Mystery Monday)
  4. Out of Her Skin by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt (Fantasy Friday)
  5. The Untethering of Caroline Donadeiu by Sam Shaw (Fantasy Friday)

Making Fantasy Friday the readers’ favorite for the month!

Other Chart Toppers for August include:
Everyone’s a Henry by Charles Frierman (Thriller Thursday)
Old Fashioned Letters by Dilia Grigorescu (Wacky Wednesday)
Surf’s Up by J.M. Cobb (Techno Tuesday)

And keeping the Pop Chart popping, here are the highest ranked Season Two stories to date:

  1. Radio Stars by Teisha J. Priest
  2. Haunt by R.F. Gammon
  3. Salty by Michael Dolan
  4. Mothership by L.N. Weldon
  5. Fire and Stone by Zachary Holbrook

Congratulations, authors! We’ve got our eyes on you. Let’s see if you stay a popular request on Havok’s jukebox!

It’s early days yet, readers. Plenty of time for you to comment on and vote for your favorite tunes from Season Two. Voting goes through mid January for our Readers’ Choice Award.

Stay tuned for next week, when we’ll update you on September’s Name That Tune!  The first Horde member to guess each song that inspired an August story will be automatically entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card.

Not a member yet? Join before the end of the month and you still qualify!

Tell us your thoughts!


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