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April’s Contenders

April came in like a LION at Havok and stayed through the month!

No lambs around here, that’s for sure. Not with 22 fantastic stories, 5 compelling genres, and hundreds of Havok Horde members.

Our editors have picked their favorite April stories. That means the stories below are in contention for our first anthology! (You’ll have to wait until July to find out which ones make the final cut, though!)

If you don’t see your favorite story below, have no fear! Readers’ Choice voting goes through the first week of July, so there’s still time to vote your favorite story into the anthology.

Here are the stories that caught our editors’ attention and the reason for their selection. Straight from our hive mind:

Mystery Monday

To Find a Thief because it made us smile and say, “awwww.”

Transmutation for its rich setting, quirky characters, and fun premise.

Techno Tuesday

An Undeserved Chance because of its tragic but heartfelt ending, and also its novel use of missile-tracking technology.

Human Decency because it is both poignant and tragic in the way it displays human biases, especially with current climate in the real world.

Wacky Wednesday

The Stray for its uncanny purity in the face of demonic activity.

Humdinger’s Army for its extreme subtlety and high-brow poise.

Thriller Thursday

Corruption’s Kiss for it’s great portrayal of a mother and realistic emotions (along with an awesome setting).

Safely Through the Flames for its interesting main character and great plot.

Fantasy Friday

One Shot for the character’s desire for redemption and always having to fight his baser nature (something we can all relate to).

The Gargantuan Sacrifice for its vivid imagery and the main character’s willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice.


Congratulations, authors, and thank you for wreaking Havok with us!

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