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Making the Most of Saturdays

We’ve posted stories every weekday for the past 3 months. Mystery Monday, Techno Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Thriller Thursday, Fantasy Friday… we’ve got those down.

On Sundays we’ve introduced you to the wonderful mind of Teddi’s Toyworld, with the punniest Phoenix around, Phenny. A full color comic, the Mythington Minute, is available every Sunday right here. Just another way we celebrate stories at Havok.

That brings us to Saturday. We’ve tried several different things. Now we’d like feedback from you. Which of the following Saturday posts do you enjoy most? Take our poll and let us know what you think.

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  • I’ve liked the mix of Saturday posts, I think the roundups/scoreboards make the most sense at the end of the month, but I also enjoyed the last couple weeks’ posts about story sparks and tips from editors. On one hand, Saturday makes the most sense as the “community-building” day because there isn’t a story to post about … but being on the weekend makes it less likely to generate as much engagement. Things like interviews with or stories from the editors and/or featured authors would also be cool (though that’s not necessarily a request—I imagine they all have enough on their plates!).

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