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Season Themes

Readers play favorites, you know. Everybody has their favorite genres and our season themes are here to assemble story collections that readers will love. These themes function as story prompts for our author base, suggesting fun mashups and settings for the most creative, hard-hitting fiction. We only accept stories that fit these themes, and we wish you much Havok as you craft your best work!

Download Printable Themes List (PDF) - Season One Download Printable Themes List (PDF) - Season Two

Season One: Rebirth

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Havok will celebrate six months of life’s enduring spirit. Each month there’s a different take on the season’s theme, starting with Rebirth itself. Only active monthly themes are listed below. For a full list of Season One themes, including those closed for submissions, see the Season One: Rebirth Themes page.

June 2019 (deadline: April 19)

Who wouldn’t love a second chance? Redeeming your previous failure in the courtroom with new evidence from a crime? Saving your beloved with your Victorian-era time machine? Finally revealing King Arthur’s secret love for show tunes? Giving it another go with your secret agent ex-wife? Reliving that fated day until you figure out how to save humanity from the time warlocks? At Havok, there’s always time for a redo!

Season Two: Stories That Sing

Music moves us. It shapes the world and immortalizes each generation. Its speaks more universally to the human soul than any other art form, and it tells stories in a way that stays with us forever. As writers, we often strive to weave something close to that magic, and what better way to do that than to weave a story from those most powerful songs?

A few rules:

  • In order to avoid plagiarism, don’t use more than a few words or a phrase from the original song. And try not to use the title anywhere in your story. Leave it to our readers to guess the song that inspired you! If you’re from outside the USA, feel free to share with us your retellings of your region’s biggest hits, but don’t expect our readers to guess them!
  • Also, remember that while there are some songs with very adult themes out there, our submission guidelines require all of our stories to be PG-13 or lower.
  • Include the name of the song, the full lyrics (if available), and a link to it on YouTube (if available), on a separate page at the end of your submission.

And that’s it. Explore the monthly themes below, and let the music inspire you. Listen to it as you write. Explore the hidden harmonies. Discover the meaning behind the melody. And tell us the story that we’ve all been missing. For an example of a flash fiction story inspired by a song, see Mision de la Noche. More tips on how to write a “story that sings” on Instagram at #gohavokauthors (and on Facebook, too).

The ’50s
July 2019 (deadline: May 17)

The music of the 1950s blended prewar big band, gospel, blues, and country/western. It birthed Rock & Roll as we know it, but how well do we know those hits that our parents and grandparents lived and died by? Great Balls of Fire: a Hollywood man meets a fire witch and explores the darker side of 1950s Tinseltown? What if Elvis heard about an actual police Hound Dog that tripped and slobbered and bumbled its way through a hilarious manhunt?

The ’60’s
August 2019 (deadline: June 14)

Emerging from post-WW2 patriotism and optimism into distrust and restlessness, the 1960s underwent some of the biggest social changes the United States has ever seen. Maybe The Sound of Silence was warning us of a virtual reality world where we seek simulated happiness and false gods to the point of our own destruction. Sugar, Sugar was almost certainly about an eccentric-but-lonely candy maker who built his own wife, right?

The 70’s
September 2019 (submissions open mid-April)

Ah, the 70s. You don’t have to stretch your imagination to create mysterious, wacky, and out-of-this-world stories from these songs! Bohemian Rhapsody: a Spanish girl journeys to Hades to save her poor boyfriend, who died at her mother’s hand. Stairway to Heaven: the path back to the real world for a kid who tumbles into a wonderland. Or join two friends in their ridiculous Kung Fu Fighting video game as they race to battle the final boss before dinner!

The 80’s
October 2019 (submissions open mid-May)

Some of history’s best science fiction came from this era, and music was the sounding board of the culture. Blue Monday: a desperate cyborg would rather sink into the ocean than remain under the control of his oppressive creator. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go: Dr. Jekyll’s serenade to his own Jitterbug serum. An ancient relic known as the Eye of the Tiger grants its owner untold power but leaves him with a deadly desire to possess it forever.

The 90’s
November 2019 (submissions open mid-June)

Whatever. Who wants to be cool, anyway? Our parents don’t understand, the government doesn’t understand, and our teachers don’t understand. The 1990s had all the social unrest of the ’60s, but they were too cool to admit it. Hey Man, Nice Shot: the story of a world-famous sniper who sacrificed himself to save a young private from a horde of approaching enemies. Good Riddance: the last words of a woman from the distant, dying future, spoken to the time traveler she fell in love with when he leaves her to save his own life. What if a werewolf escapes her curse when she discovers a mystical symbol, but when she tries to show The Sign to her lover, he refuses to open up his eyes?

Open Mic Night
December 2019 (submissions open mid-July)

Let’s finish 2019 with a bang! Any song, any era. Broadway musicals, TV theme songs, nursery rhymes, or if you just missed your chance earlier in the year, our Open Mic theme has got you covered.

Now Go Write!

Using the season theme above for ideas, go write and then send us your best story that fits any of our Accepted Genres. Be sure to download and use our Manuscript Formatting template and follow the Submission Guidelines!

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