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Brackish Panthers

Vince was grateful for his wetsuit, even though the frigid waters of the Potomac still stung as he rolled out of his boat that fated January morning. He gasped. Instantly, his bones began to ache.
I’m too old for this.
The sign plastered on a buoy read, “POOR VISIBILITY, STRONG CURRENTS.”

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The Eternal

Every siren in Onda’s class had amazing song powers. Rosa could heal. Jewel could create a defensive shield. Even dorky Cosmo had the power to convince the orcas that they would be better off swimming far away from Rafferty, keeping them safe from attack.
All Onda’s singing ever did was put things to sleep.

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A Fluke at Work

Another boring Saturday.
I yawned, the report blurring before me. The faint buzz of life trickled up from the streets far below.
I continued scrolling. Just a few more before I could clock out and head home. Home, where my videogames patiently waited.
But nothing else did.
With a start, I realized

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Sky Rays

The sky ray dipped, and I held on as vertigo kicked in. I loved flying when I was the pilot, but being at the mercy of a giant manta ray thousands of feet in the air was a different story. And after two years, I still wasn’t a fan.
I placed a palm

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Island of Mystery

People said the island didn’t exist. But there it was.
A shiver of excitement and pride swept over me as I lowered my chopper. The mysterious disappearing isle had long been deemed a myth, but I’d spent months researching, interviewing witnesses, and hunting the landmass that never seemed to be where the sightings claimed.

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Andromeda and the Manta Rays

Andromeda twisted her frizzy hair into a tight bun as her ship, the Ray, whirred beneath her, clicking and buzzing.
“I know.” Andromeda laughed at her ship, her best friend in the whole galaxy. It had taken three years for her to code him with a sentient personality that fit him. “That Nyxellan

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Wizards and the Wrath of Bessie

Lightning slashes the sky. “Walfort, take us back to land!” I yell into the storm. “We’ll look for Bessie another day.”
“Don’t be a wimp, Gwynfar. We told Zofan we would eliminate this sea serpent,” Walfort shouts. “I’m here because I’m a wand master and you’re a mediocre wizard. I’m not even sure you’re

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Operation Unicorn

“You want me to make you a unicorn.” I tugged at my tie, which was suddenly feeling much too tight.
“Wrong, twice over, Dr. Delany,” said the Premier. “Didn’t you read my message? Earth’s Council doesn’t want a unicorn, the Craldirish do. And they don’t want one; they want a breeding pair

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Last Journey of the Abyss Delver

“I should not have smoked that joint before going on a deep-sea mission,” I mused as I gazed upon what looked like an eel with a broken chainsaw for a head.
“You did what?”
“Calm down, professor. You’re gonna be fine. The bathyscaphe practically drives itself—as it’s been doing for the past hour.

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Z Karr and the Pearls of Aphrodite

Aphrodite drifted in its orbit like a polished gem, the vibrant blue of the planet-wide ocean striated with wispy white clouds.
“I can see why everyone vacations there,” Tetsuo said as he gazed into the viewscreen. “It’s beautiful.”
“Eh… that color kind of gives me a headache.” Zach slipped on his orange sunglasses

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Threat Level: Cubicle

The rich aroma of coffee flooded my gray bottlenose. I picked up my mug with one flipper and sighed happily. My break had arrived, that relaxing island of time. A chance to drink coffee and think about my favorite video game, Call of Da Sea.
I gazed longingly at a chair, wishing I had

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The Great Blue-Bellied Jelly

Am I content to float alone?
In this vast universe, I’ve only known one other of my kind—my mother—and I only knew her for mere minutes before she vanished without a trace. I searched the entire perimeter of this water-based planet for her to no avail. Did she leave because her

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