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Night-Blooming Azaleas

Strike a blow against a tyrant and impress a girl at the same time? The opportunity was too good to miss.
Ashdar landed softly in the garden, wrenching his staff free of the vines he’d grown to climb the wall. He checked the runic instructions carved along the length of his staff.

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The rowdiness in the mall stretched for miles. I watched from a distance as people flocked the hallways, leaning over balconies to gape at the waving, smiling bot in their midst.
Thomas’s robotic voice matched mine. He was tall like me, but with inward curves in the middle and a spherical base.

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Chasing Blue

“Psi Team Leader, this is Command. Perimeter is secure. Go.”
Seeker Soren Pentam activated his helmet camera and radio. “Copy, Command.” He pounded the door with a gloved fist. “Tomaz Blue, this is the Protectorate! We have a writ for arrest and search!” He paused, counting seconds. His teammates, Enforcers Fennik and Jacosett,

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Impurrfect Crime

Ramona had lived in the Fairdale Lodge for most of her fourteen years. She prided herself on meeting all the guests as they checked in.
So, when she stepped into the lobby, she was delighted to see Bobby, the hotel manager, with his mothy pork pie hat askew, handing room keys to two men

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Memories from the Past

This town is weird. Everywhere I go feels… familiar. The coffee house on Alexander Street. The library on Main. Even the dingy auto shop on the outskirts of town seems like I’ve lived here my whole life.
Only, that isn’t possible. Is it?
You see, I’m not sure where I came from.

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The Blue Zinger

“Ohmigod, there’s a tarantula in your grapes!” My chair legs screeched back from the table, and I dropped the grape I had just plucked from the fruit bowl.
“That’s just Ernie. Don’t worry; he won’t bite.” Granny glanced over from her spot at the stove where she’d been churning a bubbling concoction for

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