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Growing Pains

“I don’t know what to do.” Margo peeked around the doorframe.
Her son lounged in his hammock, one leg dangling over the edge.
She adjusted the conch shell against her ear. “All Birch does is sit in his room and listen to fairy pop. Neither of his brothers were this—”

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The Only Thing to Fear is Greg

“So, does the bureau know why they sent us here?”
Sal shrugged while cramming fries in his mouth.
Jane waited for him to swallow. “They said a passing centaur reported all the other wilderkind in the area have gone silent.” She slapped his hand before he grabbed another burger. “Aren’t you worried?”

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Boared Troll

Something was coming. Renard raised his hand, calling for a halt. His men stopped instantly, and he cocked his head, listening for the sound of their prey.
Breaking branches and pounding hoofs in full charge approached them through the woods. A large, tusked boar nigh on five hundred pounds burst into view.

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Thrill of the Chase

If you ever find yourself face to face with a bear/moose chimera, don’t under any circumstance stand up straight and yell while waving your arms above your head.
I clicked send on my transponder and glanced down. The chimera was sniffing at the base of my tree. My transponder vibrated.
Kai: Ha ha. K.

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The Best Laid Schemes of Dryads and Frogs

“Sal, where are we going?” Jane ducked under a branch.
“My cousin Fragar’s lab.” Sal forged down what appeared to be no more than a deer trail.
Jane avoided dew-soaked vines sparkling in the sun. “The third cousin Fragar?”
“The crazy, mad scientist, turns-perfectly-good-strawberries-blue one?”
Sal laughed. “That one”
“Sal, why are

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The Price of Passage

Morris stared at the path below and flicked his tail in annoyance. He really wanted to use the canyon pass, but that stupid flying beast with the human face blocked the route.
He growled at the memory of his one attempt to walk through the ravine. Since the beast was part lion

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The Soul Stealer

The sun sets, and wispy clouds above me glow a faint orange. This means I now have ’til the break of dawn to find the creature who stole my mother’s soul.
And kill it.
If I fail to reunite her body and soul before the creature returns to its realm with the

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Small Talk

Every patron averted his gaze as Karis walked into the tavern. Even the barkeep avoided her eye while he took her order. She selected a random ale from the list and sat down. The tavern’s occupants continued to converse in hushed whispers.
Karis rolled her eyes and faced the room. “Look, I’m not here

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Haddie, Harpies, and Havoc

“Haddie Underwood, you said you knew how to fly this thing?!” Percival Holmes shrieked over the rush of the wind.
“Funny story—I lied!”
Haddie clutched the neck of the griffin as it plummeted through the sky toward the infamous Harpy Mountain. The bird tumbled, its claws skittering across the rocky terrain,

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Flight Across Stars

The stars are alive.
I tip my head back, gazing at the constellations as they spin their stories across the endless blue-black of the night sky. Tonight, Lupus is being hunted by Orion. The spear of the warrior twinkles as he stalks toward his prey. The Ursas are drumming a beat, the low pulse

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I’m tossed from the charter plane at two thousand feet, plummeting toward the Earth without a parachute. If gravity proves true, I’ll skewer the Alaskan treetops in seconds.
A week in the remote wilderness had seemed like a good idea. It meant time to clear my head. Campfires and hunting. Reflection and recovery

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The Wonderwhale

1000 meters out.
The clipper cut smoothly, silently, through the water—leaving not a ripple on the surface. Inside its shabby cabin, the captain sat still and focused, his energies on maintaining course for the destination ahead. Although confident outside, his thoughts raced and tumbled with every crashing wave. He hesitated to approach

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