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Friendly Fire

“No, no.” The High Wizard flicked his hand as if a royal command was a mere annoyance. “I must stay here. If you fail, I’ll need to protect the castle.”
Brandt scowled. He might be the youngest son, but that made him no less a prince. He expected compliance. But High Wizard Eldred acted as

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Splint Second

It takes a special kind of stupid to ride a dragon drunk.
Or maybe I rode a drunk dragon. The details are fuzzy. Many things are fuzzy right now, starting with where I am and how far I fell before I landed.
I open my eyes. Currently, they’re the only parts of my body that don’t hurt.

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Fines and Flames

Of all the things to deal with right before a room check, of course I have to put out dragon fire.
“Venus, what did you do?” I gape at the flames eating my dorm room’s floor, then glare at the perpetrator.
Venus, the tiny dragon living under my bed, preens her golden

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City Aflame

Sweat dripped from my brow as I arrived at the top of Kresden Mountain. I dropped onto a stony outcrop and turned toward the west to watch my city burn. Dark smoke plumed into the sky, spreading like a giant umbrella. I choked back a laugh. An umbrella was the opposite of

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Dragon Eggplant

The colossal purple dragon’s scraping snores pierced Eileen’s ears. She froze at the entrance of the cave, her every muscle screaming for her to run.
She took a deep breath, increasing her grip on her deerskin satchel. I can’t stop now; Lottie is depending on me.
Slowly, Eileen entered the dark, humid cave,

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Set Free

Vahni tightened her grip on the hilt of her dagger and kept following the trail of blood. She was miles into the forest that surrounded their village, and while she could occasionally hear her comrades in arms tromping through the underbrush, she hadn’t seen anyone for hours. She was tired and hungry, and

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Kabr slithered across the bloodstained cobblestones, eyeing the shadows bordering the backstreet of Veerion. The sharp twang of fresh death flared through his nostrils, stoking the fire in his chest. Beneath the foul stench, Merna’s perfume of old pages and secrets still lingered, even hours after her body

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Mistaken Identity

The wind howling across Haiz’s brown, leather wings could not drown out his roar as he sliced through the air back toward his cave. His voice bounced from valley, to village, and on toward the mountains, declaring his sovereignty over all things within his territory.
His scaled eyes scanned the ground below, searching.

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Abiral’s Goblet

Sand flooded back into the hole Suresh was trying to dig. Cursing, he blocked the flow with his shovel. At this rate, it would take him a lifetime to locate Abiral’s Goblet.

Sweat stinging his eyes, he gazed around the dunes of Dryagana Mrtyu: Dragon’s Death. No movement, and most importantly, no sand dragons.

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The Waterfall

The golden surface of the waterfall shimmered as sunlight fell upon it. I gasped.

Finally, I could be cured.

I climbed over the last rock with renewed vigor, but a sudden dread settled in my stomach, stifling any previous excitement.

So many legends spoke of this place

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The Wild Hunt

tore through the woods, paws churning up soft dirt. The smell of mud and recent rainfall filled my snout as I raced through the bracken, desperate to reach the castle. Her scent was fading quickly. Soon even my powerful senses would be useless.
But I had to keep moving. Please let me be on time.

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From the Touch of Her Finger

“You find them in the weirdest places,” Aida said to me.

She overturned a rock. A black and yellow-spotted salamander scampered beneath a nearby mossy log.

“I haven’t looked for salamanders since elementary school,” I said, getting ready to squat next to her. “I’m game.”

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