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Strawberry Thief

Cennet cracked one eye open. Her lace curtains fluttered in the cool breeze coming through the open window. Early morning light warmed her face.
And a munching sound came from her garden.
Whipping off her blanket, Cennet hurried outside. Her slippers slapped on the stepping stones. Sure enough, for the third morning in a

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The Hooded Thief

The aroma of chicken and rice fills my nostrils, making my stomach grumble. I’ve been on the run for days without a bite to eat, but from my place atop the abandoned roof overlooking the marketplace, something else catches my attention.
Rather, someone else. A lady I’ve never seen before. She saunters through the

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Down in Flames

The docks stink of fish and cigars. During my early days as a Magickal Protections Officer, I used to retch almost daily. Now, the stench merely reminds me of what it hides—the light, sage scent of drakonixes.
I stalk down the creaky wooden planks, gripping Amaka’s leash as she slithers in front of

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The Dragon’s Cry

The cry came from the underbrush below a giant oak. Jordan set down the basket of magical plant clippings he’d collected and crept closer, pulling the hood of his cloak away from his face. Distant clicks and caws pierced through the rustling trees, but Jordan focused on the tiny cry.
He scanned the area

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Friendly Fire

“No, no.” The High Wizard flicked his hand as if a royal command was a mere annoyance. “I must stay here. If you fail, I’ll need to protect the castle.”
Brandt scowled. He might be the youngest son, but that made him no less a prince. He expected compliance. But High Wizard Eldred acted as

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Splint Second

It takes a special kind of stupid to ride a dragon drunk.
Or maybe I rode a drunk dragon. The details are fuzzy. Many things are fuzzy right now, starting with where I am and how far I fell before I landed.
I open my eyes. Currently, they’re the only parts of my body that don’t hurt.

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Fines and Flames

Of all the things to deal with right before a room check, of course I have to put out dragon fire.
“Venus, what did you do?” I gape at the flames eating my dorm room’s floor, then glare at the perpetrator.
Venus, the tiny dragon living under my bed, preens her golden

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City Aflame

Sweat dripped from my brow as I arrived at the top of Kresden Mountain. I dropped onto a stony outcrop and turned toward the west to watch my city burn. Dark smoke plumed into the sky, spreading like a giant umbrella. I choked back a laugh. An umbrella was the opposite of

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Dragon Eggplant

The colossal purple dragon’s scraping snores pierced Eileen’s ears. She froze at the entrance of the cave, her every muscle screaming for her to run.
She took a deep breath, increasing her grip on her deerskin satchel. I can’t stop now; Lottie is depending on me.
Slowly, Eileen entered the dark, humid cave,

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Set Free

Vahni tightened her grip on the hilt of her dagger and kept following the trail of blood. She was miles into the forest that surrounded their village, and while she could occasionally hear her comrades in arms tromping through the underbrush, she hadn’t seen anyone for hours. She was tired and hungry, and

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Dragon Pox

Reaching the top of the steep staircase, Bayard slowed his pace. The crescent moon couldn’t brighten the shadows of the final turn leading into the roost, but determination carried him through. He purposefully scuffed his feet and sent a rock clattering over the edge

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Kabr slithered across the bloodstained cobblestones, eyeing the shadows bordering the backstreet of Veerion. The sharp twang of fresh death flared through his nostrils, stoking the fire in his chest. Beneath the foul stench, Merna’s perfume of old pages and secrets still lingered, even hours after her body

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