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The Defect

“I need to return my golem.”
Uri flicked his gaze over the man glowering at him from the doorway. Beside him stood an umber golem with glowing amber eyes. It waved its fingers.
Recognizing the golem, Uri pursed his lips. The clay figure had been purchased barely a month ago. It had also…

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De Muziekdoos

Ash impersonated the falling of snow as night wrapped its overbearing arms around Amsterdam. This shouldn’t have been happening.
Flowers should have been blooming. Tourists, strolling the marketplace. Festivals, lighting up the city. But none of that was happening.
All because I’d opened that music box.
And now, I had to close

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S2 Mystery Monday featured image (season 2)

The Clock

The duke tilted his head back to gaze up at my masterpiece as he patted my shoulder. “Our cathedral will be both the tallest and the best in all of Europe with your clockwork show, Hans.”
“We’re ready for the reveal tomorrow, Your Grace. We’ll run through everything tonight to make sure it’s flawless.”

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