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Season One: Rebirth Themes

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Havok will celebrate six months of life’s enduring spirit. Each month there’s a different take on the season’s theme, starting with Rebirth itself. Below are listed all of Season One’s monthly themes. For details about submissions deadlines, see the primary Season Themes page.

Rebirth (January 2019)

From butterflies to phoenixes, there’s nothing mundane about being reborn. Become a master of disguise to outwit a sly sleuth. Download your consciousness into a world-crushing automaton. Wake up as a baby and babble your way to work. Stop a doomsday cult from releasing a “new world” virus. Or learn to use your new superpowers on your eighteenth birthday.

Recycle (February 2019)

We’re not talking plastic bottles, here. Think outside that cardboard box. Who keeps stealing your newspaper and replacing it with paper mache swans—and why? When will the oxygen and water run out on Earth’s last intergalactic generation ship? What possible uses can you find for leftover fingernail clippings? Why is Jack the Ripper collecting all those organs? And how, exactly, do the fae turn a baby’s laughter into magic?

Relocate (March 2019)

Whether you’re running away or running toward, bring us the horizon! Write a mystery novel in the comfort of your new haunted house. Explore the hidden depths in a state-of-the-art submarine, even if you can’t swim. Take your pet goldfish on vacation to the Mojave Desert. Leave your desk job to track down a Columbian drug lord. Or stumble through a mirror into a world populated by people who look exactly like you.

Reform (April 2019)

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” Investigate a corrupt police precinct. Demand freedom from the mad scientist who created you. Educate a shark on the benefits of veganism. Use your history as a mob boss to take down the whole organization. Or learn to resist your hunger for blood as you battle the creatures of the night.

Recover (May 2019 )

When tragedy strikes, you can either lie down, or you can rise to the occasion. Wake up with a headache and piece together your fractured memory. Reclaim humanity’s last outpost from the alien threat. Find out where you left your head because you forgot to glue it on. Chase down the stolen Hope Diamond. Or find your glass slipper before the clock strikes midnight!

Redo (June 2019 )

Who wouldn’t love a second chance? Redeeming your previous failure in the courtroom with new evidence from a crime? Saving your beloved with your Victorian-era time machine? Finally revealing King Arthur’s secret love for show tunes? Giving it another go with your secret agent ex-wife? Reliving that fated day until you figure out how to save humanity from the time warlocks? At Havok, there’s always time for a redo!

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