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The Nozomi Clan Saga

The Samurai and the Tanuki

Netsu wiggled deeper into the ferns surrounding a momiji tree and tugged at the orange and red fabric of his haori. Maybe if he burned the fabric with his bearing gift, he wouldn’t have to go in this—What was the right word for this garish garb?
Netsu spun around, coming face-to-face with…

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Heart of a Kitsune

Splitting the long grass with her snout, Airi observed the soldiers as they lounged around a fire. They were only a day’s march from home, where they would hand over their “prize.” With keen eyes, Airi scanned the camp.
There, on the north side. Tadashi leaned against a tree, his hands bound behind

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Fire and Water

Mizu rubbed his thumb around the gold edge of the pendant. The pearl in the center shimmered under the lantern light. A gift from Father. His sly smile when he’d handed Mizu the cloth-wrapped present still vivid in his mind.
When he’d unwrapped it, Mizu’d been tongue-tied and stammered a poor excuse for

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