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Legends of Allowen

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The Mountain Healer

The wood bundle tumbled from Azarel’s grasp and scattered in the snow as Reuel shoved his muzzle into the boy’s face.
“All right, Reuel,” Azarel said. He’d been distracted for merely a moment, checking the sky to see if he could catch a glimpse of the majestic griffons said to make their aerie

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Balanced Steps

Avia stuck one end of her staff in the dirt as she pushed off with her feet and swung around. When she landed, she back flipped before cartwheeling to her staff and pulling it from the ground. After a few twirls, she dropped to one knee and spun her staff to land across her

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Elihu’s Light

Misael sighed. “Do you know where we’re going, Sis?”
Giah glanced up from her map to Misael, who stood beside her in the dark tunnel. Their torch’s flame cast wavering light on the stone walls and across his furrowed brows.
“Of course I’m sure.” Turning back to the map, Giah spun it right, then

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The Escape

“Are you sure there’s nothing else you need, princess?” The maid hovered over Katriel.
Katriel snuggled deeper under her quilts, leaving only her head visible. “No, I’m fine.” Now shoo.
“As you say, princess.”
When the overbearing maid finally closed the door behind her, Katriel tossed off the blankets and snatched a pair

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